On February 11th, I wrote about the Saudi anger at US President Barack Obama due to Obama’s failure to support Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, a long-time US ally, as well as Obama’s failure to support pro-Western Sunni Islamic regimes. Obama’s eagerness to support uprisings against pro-Western Sunni regimes starkly contrasts with Obama’s refusal to lift a finger to support the uprising that previously took place in Iran against its anti-Western, Shiite leaders. Many in the Islamic world might be forgiven for questioning whether Obama secretly supports the Shiite version of Islam. Based on the guidance of Matthew 7:20 (“By the fruits you shall know them”), that would be a fair question. The Saudi disgust at Obama is getting more intense, and it could have a huge impact on the lives of all Americans who are currently clueless about this danger.

The first link below, from the Washington Post, does a very good job of describing the growing number of reasons that the Saudis no longer trust Obama. Indeed, the article states that the Saudi King “views President Obama as a threat to his internal security.” The Saudis are clearly being encircled by Iranian actions and instigators, and Obama either “doesn’t get it” or doesn’t care about it as he is doing nothing meaningful to support the Saudis. The Saudis see this and they are turning to other nations for support as the House of Saud has no intention of falling from power. The article includes a very important observation that the Saudi king is already “making arrangements for Pakistani troops to enter his kingdom should the need to suppress popular demonstrations arise.” The Saudis also recently sent their own troops into Bahrain to quell an uprising of the Shiite population (sympathetic to Iran) against the Sunni Bahraini government allied to the Saudis (see my March 16th post). The second link below is an NBC report that the Saudis are even sending out feelers for closer relationships with Russia and China as it moves further away from the USA and President Obama (who it must despise by now).

The above actions confirm that the Saudis are willing to play “hard ball” with Iran if push comes to shove. Their feelers toward Russia and China may be substantive or they may be intended to provoke the USA to come to its senses in its foreign policy actions. I have no doubt the Saudi preparations for military support from Pakistan are very real. It has been reported that the Saudis partially bankrolled the Pakistani nuclear weapons program, and that the Pakistanis have reciprocated by allotting a certain number of their nuclear warheads for the Saudis to receive whenever they want them delivered to Saudi Arabia (see my January 2nd post). If this is the case, the Saudis are already a de-facto nuclear power while Iran is still trying to build its first nuke. The third link below adds more important details of the intense rivalry going on between the Sunni Arab nations and the Iranian Shiite Persians for dominance of the Mideast region. If Pakistani-Saudi relationships are growing closer, this further bodes ill for the USA as Pakistan is steadily becoming more anti-American (see my November 14th post).

How could this affect Americans? The Saudis control what is called the Petrodollar market, which prices oil shipments in US dollars and other nations buying Saudi oil must first buy US dollars to buy that oil. This keeps the US dollar artifically high by creating an oil-based demand for US dollars. Just one more clueless slight from Obama may be all that it takes to cause the Saudis to dump the US dollar as the currency for their oil market. If this happens the petrodollar market collapses and other nations will be able to buy oil in their own currencies or perhaps the Euro, Yuan, Ruble, Dinar, etc. This could precipitously drop the value of the US dollar and, therefore, raise suddenly the prices of all items (oil, clothing, shoes, electronics, etc.) which are imported into the USA from foreign nations. The shock to the US economy could be so great that it could lead to the collapse of the current global economic/monetary system ruled by the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board (which is creating all those surplus dollars in the world). I’m not predicting that this will be the “trigger” which collapses our current Babylon the Great system, as it is one of many such triggers which could cause this collapse which is prophesied in Revelation 17-18. The American dollar is skating on very thin ice, and Americans generally do not realize the dangers facing them. Based on its Mideast policies, the Obama administration doesn’t realize it either.