A previous blog noted the Egyptian approval for the Israeli Navy to send their missile subs through the Suez Canal to make it easier for the Israelis to strike at Iranian nuclear facilities if necessary. My previous blogs have also noted that a convergence is developing between the Israeli and Sunni Arab security interests as they are both under growing threat from Iran. A new development has occurred which indicates this Israeli-Sunni Arab convergence is growing stronger.

A FOX News report (see first link below) reveals that the Saudis have indicated that they “would turn a blind eye to Israeli jets flying over the kingdom during any future raid on Iran’s nuclear sites”…”due to the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia.”  With both Egypt and Saudi Arabia signaling a willingness to assist an Israeli strike at Iran, one can assume that other Sunni Arab nations, such as Jordan and Kuwait, would also give tacit help to an Israeli strike. If this much cooperation is being reported openly in the world media, there is a very good chance that an even greater level of cooperation is developing behind the scenes between the Israelis and the Sunni Arabs.

The second link below also adds an interesting twist to Mideast geopolitics. Although many media reports have documented Obama’s hostility toward the Israelis, Vice-President Biden has signaled that the USA may give a green light to an Israeli attack against Iran after all. Why the sudden policy reversal by the Obama administration (if Biden’s comments are officially approved)? I have a theory. When President Obama went to Cairo to deliver a speech tailored to Islamic ears, I think Obama received an “earful” (in private) from Egypt and other Islamic nations that Obama’s anti-Israeli, pro-Iranian statements were actually displeasing to the Sunni Arab governments. It seems evident that the Obama administration comprehends little about how modern realities in the Mideast are strongly affected by the ancient history of that region. If Obama had competent historical counsel presented to him, he would understand that the Persians (Iranians) once ruled over the Arabs and the experience was not a pleasant one for the Arabs. However, the Sunni Arabs remember this (even if Obama is unaware of it), and they have no desire to ever again be ruled or dominated by Shiite Persians again.

Modern geopolitics are a lot easier to understand when one views the modern world in light of its historical context. Isaiah 41:22 gives the same principle when its says “…let them show the former things what they be, that we may know the latter ends of them.”  Ecclesiastes 1:9 also observes that history is a great teacher for understanding future events. It says “The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” If Obama understood more about immutable biblical truths and the history of the Mideast region, he’d realize that encouraging Israeli-Sunni Arab cooperation is not only a wise geopolitical development, but also that the history of the Mideast favors such a development.

There is still no guarantee that an Israeli attack vs. Iran will occur, but if Israel is ever going to do it, they should do it when favorable political circumstances make the raid much easier. Those circumstances have now come into being.