This post is to inform readers about a secret Russian underground city which has received very little publicity. It is underneath a large mountain in Russia and it is has been under construction for many years. The first link offers considerable information about the project and estimates the underground city could sprawl over 400 square miles! That is truly massive. Russia has maintained very tight security over this secret underground city and western experts can only guess what its purposes really are. It is large enough to hold stockpiles of nuclear and conventional weapons, hiding places for Russian leaders, underground weapons factories, secret weapons facilities, etc.

Both the first link and second link speculate that it is also involved with Russia’s super-secret Cold War “doomsday system” called Dead Hand. Dead Hand was an ingenious system which was designed to activate and launch the Russian ICBM arsenal if it could be electronically sensed that the Russian leadership had been decapitated by the USA in a first strike. The third link considers the possibility that this Russian Doomsday System is still active.

One can only wonder what is going on and what is stored inside this gargantuan underground Russian city. It might be far more interesting to inspect the goings-on in this Russian secretive facility than in the oft-discussed area-51 in the USA. Maybe Edward Snowden is being protected in the underground city–far from the reach of western security operatives. If he is there, he is likely to never be allowed to leave it. Who knows what Russia’s equivalent to the USA’s DARPA is doing inside this massive Russian underground city?

My thanks to a reader who sent me a link that reminded me of this topic. I had posted on the Dead Hand system years ago, but many newer readers may not have heard of this Russian Doomsday System.