Steven Collins
September 28, 2008
Russia continues to reinstate the Cold War “game” on the modern geopolitical chessboard, much to the surprise of the elites who run the western world’s nations. When the USSR dissolved, the western elites (called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 18–a “latter day” alliance of globalist political and economic leaders) thought Russia would become a treasure trove of exploitable resources and that China would serve as an endless source of “coolie” labor for the western multinational corporations. Something went wrong with their plan. Vladimir Putin has ended western exploitation of Russia and is rebuilding Russia into a great power again even as Russia’s ally, China, has seized much influence over the US economy by becoming its banker and is rapidly building its military power. Russia and China are now strategic allies and they are building an alliance including Iran, N. Korea, Syria, the “-stan” nations of Central Asia, etc. to challenge the western alliance for global supremacy.
Ezekiel 38 foretold that this Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis would come into being at the very end of our age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. That this is happening in front of our eyes exactly as prophesied confirms the Divine authorship of the Bible and God’s authority over the nations. Ezekiel 38:6 ends by saying that “many people” will be part of this Russian-led alliance, so many nations not actually named in the prophecy will be a part of it.
An earlier blog indicated Venezuela was one of the nations joining Russia’s alliance. More information confirms it. Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez signed a Russian-Venezuelan cooperation agreement in Moscow this week. Venezuela had previously purchased over $4 billion in Russian fighter jets, helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles and has now signed up for another $1 billion in Russian arms. Chavez announced that “Russia and Venezuela are confidently moving forward [together].” Vladimir Putin offered even more Russian arms sales in the future and maybe even a reactor to develop nuclear energy. Venezuela, a top oil producer needs nuclear power for an energy source about as much as does Saudi Arabia! Do we sense more nuclear weapons proliferation into Venezuela even as Iran received a nuclear reactor from Russia? Russian bombers and navy vessels are making visits to Venezuela as reported in previous blogs.
Russia may also re-establish a presence in Cuba. A brief note in the August 5, 2008 USA Today (p. 8A) cited Vladimir Putin as “calling for Russia to regain its influence in former Cold War ally Cuba.” The second link below from a Russian news source reports that Russia is planning on cooperating with Cuba on a space program which would involve Russia building a “Cuban space center” which would be used for many purposes, including “process[ing] data received from Russian remote-sensing and navigation satellites.” In other words, it would be a Russian electronic spying center near the coast of Florida. Indeed, if the USA can go into Russia’s backyard in Georgia and the Ukraine, it can hardly object if Russia comes into the USA’s backyard. Of course, Bolivia and Nicaragua are allies of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and are prime candidates to follow Venezuela into the Russian orbit.
While Russian military capabilities decayed after the Soviet Empire collapsed, Russia is now rebuilding its military strength. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported in its September 27, 2008 issue (“Russia is upgrading military readiness,” p. A8) that
Russia would build new types of warships, nuclear submarines that fire cruise missiles, etc., and that Russia’s military spending will rise to “its highest level since the collapse of the Soviet Union.” Russia’s military spending is still far behind that of the USA, but dollar comparisons between the two are meaningless. The USA pays “union scale” for its weapons system and the Russians can avoid such costs as well as all environmental and worker security costs. Hundreds of billions of US dollars are being consumed in two Asian wars that are wearing out American personnel and equipment. Russia also doesn’t bother paying its military forces the high salaries paid to US military personnel, and it hardly reveals the real extent of its military programs anyway.
The September 17, 2008 issue of USA Today (p. 11A) had an article by Ralph Peters entitled “Why Putin should scare us.” It cited Putin’s “ruthlessness” and his desire to “reconstruct the empire of the czars…” It cites his 80% approval rating in Russian polls and calls him “the world’s most effective leader” (an opinion with which I agree). The article (see third link below) concludes by saying that “Managing Putin’s Russia could emerge as our No. 1 security challenge.” I’d say it already is the USA’s No. 1 security challenge. The language that “Putin’s Russia” can be “managed” by the West is condescending at best and dangerous at worst. It implies the West is in control of Russia’s re-emergence as a world power, when it actually has little control over Russia at all. Russia is in control of much of Europe’s energy supply and Russia’s ally, China, has gained much control over the economy of the USA by lending vast sums to US borrowers. The USA’s economic situation could be nearing an implosion point as the tsunami of excessive debt and reckless financial instruments threatens to overwhelm and sink the US economy. The deep financial weakness of the USA will allow Russia and China even more freedom of action to implement their will in the world.
Ezekiel 38 warns that the USA, NATO and its allies will be attacked by Russia, China, Iran and their allies at the very end of this age. The USA and many European nations are identified in Ezekiel 38-39 as “Israel” or the “house of Israel” (meaning the latter-day descendants of the ten tribes of Israel–not the descendants of the house of Judah-the Jews/Israelis). That the USA and many European nations are the modern (but unrecognized) ten tribes of Israel is easily proven from both biblical and secular history, as my books and articles make plain. You may order my books at the book links of this website or go directly to the publisher’s website at to order them on-line. You may also obtain a solid outline of the evidence presented in my books by listening to the two-part audio series on this subject available for free at this website.
Even though the Bible contains clear warnings to the modern western world re: what is about to happen in future years and even previews these events, evolutionary fables have blinded modern mankind to the accuracy of the Bible’s narratives and its prophecies so the elites of the western world pay the Bible’s warnings no heed. What are the nations of the West doing to meet the growing military threat posed by Russia, China, Iran, et. al? Mostly nothing. The USA is exhausting its ground forces and wearing out its military equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan, and devastating its own financial base, on which military power depends. Many NATO nations have made themselves dependent on Russia for much of their energy supplies and they have weakened and neglected their militaries. However, France is taking action! The July 25, 2008 issue of USA Today (“French cutting military forces,” p. 7A) reports the French military “will slash its ranks by 54,000 personnel and close dozens of air, army and other bases” as it is “grappling with aging military gear and budget constraints.” In other words, France is disarming itself even more. Russian warplanners see the self-defeating policies of the West and they must be salivating. The Russian bear, emerging from its hibernation, is hungry, and NATO nations are making themselves ever more vulnerable as prey.