April 12, 2009

Steve Collins

Russia has announced that it is creating a new arctic branch within its military forces. Ostensibly, this is to defend disputed mineral resources in the polar region. However, I smell a concealed intent, given the latter-day prophecy of Ezekiel 38. The first link mentions this new Russian “Arctic” force, and it also mentions that the effects of global warming may open up “new shipping lanes” in the polar regions. These “new shipping lanes” could be used for a military invasion of North America as well as for commercial maritime traffic.
Ezekiel 38:15 prophesies that the nations of the house of Israel (the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel which never returned to the Promised Land and never merged back into Judah) will be attacked from the north by Russia, China and their allies at the end of the latter-days of our age. The nations of the house of Israel are the USA, the UK, Scandinavian and European nations, etc. [For abundant secular and biblical evidence supporting this conclusion, please listen to Parts One and Two of my audio messages at the “speeches” link at this website–those desiring in-depth information can obtain it in my books available at the “books” link.]
If you look at a round globe, you will see that it is a very short distance from Russia to Alaska and the polar regions of Canada. In order for Russia and its allies to insert large numbers of troops, tanks, planes, etc. into North America, Russia and China will need to have a force which can seize and secure a wide variety of airports and seaports in the polar regions of North America through which its military forces can enter in an endless stream and surge southward into the heartland of Canada and the USA. If nuclear weapons are ever eliminated, this invasion becomes quickly “doable” for the Russians and their “Gog-Magog” allies.
The second link reports that the Canadian government states that it will defend against this effort by Russia to “militarize the North.” At least Canada can see the threat posed by a Russian military force trained in polar warfare. The US government has likely not even given a thought to this danger yet. Of course, not all Russian troops need be trained in polar warfare. Only the forces which would initially seize Alaskan and Canadian facilities in the opening phase of the new global war need be trained in polar conditions. They would seize and hold those regions while all other Russian and Chinese soldiers would be quickly sent southward in gear suitable for warmer climes.
God inspired Ezekiel over 2500 years ago, and he gave advance warning that Russia and its allies would attack the latter-day nations of the USA, the UK, and Europe primarily from out of the north. The Russian and Chinese forces will not steam across the Pacific for thousands of miles to land troops on the US West Coast. Their polar forces will seize airfields and seaports in Alaska and, through them, pour a steady, endless stream of soldiers and military vehicles into North America. Their polar forces could also seize facilities in Scandinavia and sortie them into Europe from out of the north as well. Australia and New Zealand could be easily invaded from the north as well. Revelation 16:12 shows that the “kings of the east” (Revelation’s term for the Gog-Magog alliance) will also be attacking westward out of Asia toward the nations of the West. The invasion routes into Europe and the Israeli nation are, obviously, wide open from the east. Daniel 11:44 ties Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 16 together. It prophesies that the lands of the final “king of the north” (another term for the final “beast” power of Revelation) will be invaded simultaneously from both the north and east. The invasions prophesied in Ezekiel 38, Revelation 16 and Daniel 11:44 all conclude with Divine intervention and the end of this age. They are parallel prophecies using different symbolic language.
The third link may shock a few skeptics into realizing how feasible this Russian-Chinese attack plan vs. North America really is and how long it has been in the planning stage. Over four years ago, China unveiled a variety of army vehicles that were specifically designed to be transported via airborne transports. If China was planning on invading some location on mainland Asia, they would not need their military vehicles to be specifically designed to be airborne. China designed several types of tanks and combat vehicles that could be transported easily in current Russian transport planes. When those Russian polar troops seize Alaskan airfields in some future year, you can expect thousands of these Chinese tanks and combat vehicles to pour into North America. They will assemble in Alaskan locations and pour southward into Canada and the USA. If US military forces are deployed all over the world instead of in North America, it will make the Russian-Chinese invasion of North America much easier. North Korea will surely invade South Korea at that time to keep all US forces there busy defending themselves and unable to defend the US homeland. When this invasion occurs, expect the numerous Russian and Chinese submarines and surface ships to form a defensive screen in the Northern Pacific and Arctic Oceans to keep open their invasion routes into Alaska. Of course, all US carrier forces will have been targeted by waves of supersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles to sink them just before the invasion begins. We’ll learn then if the USA has developed sophisticated defensive systems to keep their carriers afloat. The Russians will, of course, also relocate several of their state-of-the-art air defense systems into Alaska as soon as possible to enable their invasion forces to shoot down US warplanes belatedly sent to resists this invasion. I read recently that the American F-15s, F-16s and A/F-18s cannot penetrate the newest Russian air defensive systems. The new American F-22 can do so! However, only a few of them have been built and the Obama administration wants to cancel the F-22 program. Russia and China will cheer this foolish American decision. It makes their invasion plans all the easier.
If American war planners read and understood biblical prophecies, they would realize that the Creator God has already given to the USA and the western nations the top-secret invasion plans of Russia, China, Iran, etc. America and the West, however, have been blinded to Divinely-revealed truth because of the indoctrination of evolution. The only thing currently holding back this invasion at present is the US nuclear deterrent. If nuclear weapons are dismantled, the Russian-Chinese invasion of North America via superior conventional weaponry numbers could start any time. All Russia and China need is an American President sufficiently gullible to ban nuclear weapons. They now have one. President Obama has announced he wants to ban nuclear weaponry (see fourth link). Russian and Chinese war-planners must be salivating at how President Obama is falling into their trap. Ezekiel 39 prophecies that vast numbers of the Gog-Magog army will die during their invasion of North America, Europe, etc. so the Russian and Chinese plans will succeed in getting millions of soldiers into North America.
However, several things will not go right for the Russian-Chinese war plans. Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that at least some of their missiles and missile-launchers will not function properly (I suspect that they will learn that the western nations can play defense as well when it comes to cyberwarfare). This prophecy could also be fulfilled via Divine action as God will be intervening in this war at some point (Ezekiel 38:20-39:7, Joel 2, Revelation 19:11-21). Another factor is that Japan, India and the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim will not be a apart of the Gog-Magog invasion alliance (Ezekiel 38:13 and see also my article on Japan and several blogs on this subject). Realizing they will not want to live in a world ruled by Russia and China, Japan and India will intervene at some point in the war on the side of the Americans and the West. Indeed, it may happen right away. At some point, Ezekiel 38:22 reveals that the Russian, Chinese and Iranian forces will start fighting amongst themselves. Also, Ezekiel 38:20 records that God will tell the attacked nations of the ten tribes of Israel to “use their weapons” against the attackers. A couple of my blogs in July, 2008 examined the “invisibility” technology which is being developed in the western nations. I am also entirely convinced that the US has developed and deployed several weapons systems which the Russian-Chinese alliance does not yet know about or fully understand. It is known that vast sums of money have funded large “black” projects within the Pentagon budget. Some “black” projects may even have been funded via corporate programs to keep them “off the books” of the Pentagon, segregated from public-disclosure laws and outside the normal military command structure. I’m convinced that many UFO sightings are actually seeing secret aerial vehicles that no longer use conventional technology. When Russia and China invade the North American continent, their forces will draw the attention of these “Ghost Squadrons.” They will be using “out of this world” technology, but the world doesn’t know these weapons exist…yet.
Daniel 11:44-45 prophesy that the final “king of the north”‘ (the “beast” of Revelation) will realize that he has been “played for a fool” by Russia and China when the Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 16 invasions begin from the north and east. He will unleash the Ghost Squadrons and other high-technology weaponry that few now realize exist. As soon as he does so, Daniel 12:1-4 prophesy that Divine intervention will occur. This fits with Ezekiel 38:20-21 and Zechariah 14. This will be the time that Jesus Christ foresaw when he prophesied “all flesh” would perish at the end of this age unless God intervened quickly to stop it. God is intervening to take control of all the governments of the world when he comes. Revelation 19:19-21 indicate all the nations will stop their fighting to turn their guns on the heavenly army of Jesus Christ. It will be a bloodbath. All who fight the heavenly army of Jesus Christ will die. It’s that simple. Isaiah 66:15-16 prophesies about this time of Divine intervention and it states; “the slain of the Lord will be many.” When all human enemies of God are slain and Satan and his rebellious angels (the real “shadow” rulers of the earth) are imprisoned, the millennial reign of Jesus Christ (or the Messianic Age of Yashua) and his saints will begin (Revelation 20:1-4).
“Thy Kingdom Come!’