November 17, 2008
Steve Collins
FOX News reported yesterday that NATO has just discovered that its innermost circle has been penetrated by Russian Intelligence Services. The link below reports that a top Estonian Defense official named Herman Simm was arrested two months ago as a Russian spy. He was no ordinary official. Mr. Simm “was responsible for handling all of his country’s classified information at NATO, giving him access to every to-secret graded document from other alliance countries.” The FOX story calls it “the most serious cases of espionage against NATO since the end of the Cold War.” A German source is cited as calling the episode a “catastrophe.”
Frankly, I’m surprised that anyone is surprised that Russia has placed top “moles” within NATO. When Russia voluntarily pulled out of the former Warsaw Pact nations of East Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall, all NATO nations should have realized that Russia’s KGB would leave behind numerous moles within East Europe to serve Russian interests in the future. NATO has caught one top Russian mole. Only the very naive would think he was the only Russian mole in NATO. It also casts an ill light on chances that Georgia and the Ukraine will ever be admitted to NATO. Georgia was where Stalin was born and the Ukraine is deep within the borders of the old USSR. If those nations ever joined NATO, NATO should realize many Russian moles would be left behind to infiltrate NATO ranks.
This will throw confusion and distrust within the NATO hierarchy. While the vast majority of East Europeans in NATO are surely trustworthy personnel who were glad to free of Russian oppression, the East European Intelligence, Military and Diplomatic Services are the most likely places where moles will be located. Some NATO capitals will likely establish “back-channel” communications networks to insulate future NATO secrets from Russian eyes. However, for the time being, NATO ministers now realize that Russia “has been reading their mail” on a regular basis. How many other Russian moles are still to be found within the NATO hierarchies? Only Vladimir Putin knows…and he’s not telling.
Previous blogs at this site have noted that US officials have stated that Russian and Chinese spying has again reached “Cold War levels.” Given that Russia and China are spying at “Cold War levels” and that Russia’s Putin has made warlike, Cold War era statements against the USA and NATO, and that Russia and China are modernizing and deploying new weaponry, it would appear logical to accept that the Cold War has been restarted. Western planners seem reluctant to admit that obvious fact, however.
Ezekiel 38 warns that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will launch a surprise, all-out, military attack vs. the USA and the West in the latter days [the Israelis are called “Judah” in Bible prophecy and the ten tribes of Israel are referred to as “Israel” in Bible prophecy. Ezekiel 38’s prophecy addresses the modern nations of the house of “Israel.”]  As the FOX News story has revealed, Russia is well-able to place top-level moles within the NATO ranks. When the attack prophesied in Ezekiel 38 comes to pass in some future year, some of Russia’s top moles will doubtless be telling western leaders that no Russian attack is imminent.,2933,452805,00.html