Steven Collins
January 25, 2008
Russia is continuing to act in a more bellicose and provocative manner toward the NATO alliance. The first link below is about the Russian Air Force and Navy conducting wargames in the Bay of Biscay, which is in the maritime “backyards” of NATO members, France and Spain. The wargames included the test-firing of air-launched missiles from two Russian bombers, and were characterized as the “biggest naval exercise in the area since the Soviet era.” That Russia chose to conduct this warlike maneuver just off NATO borders was surely no coincidence. This Russian action must be seen as part of a new aggressive policy toward the West instituted by Vladimir Putin.
Russia is deploying new strategic missiles and building a new class of warplanes, and it is also deploying naval ships to the Mediterranean Sea. It has also repudiated a Cold War arms limitation agreement with NATO, and it is moving to make European nations increasingly dependent on Russian energy resources. This aggressive behavior by Russia is precisely what one would expect, given the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 for the latter days of our age. This prophecy, written in ancient times, foretold that Russia would ally itself to China, Iran and other nations and lead an anti-Western alliance. The prophecy further states that it is a “sure thing” that Russia and its allies will launch a surprise military attack upon the western nations at the conclusion of the biblical “latter days.”
The second link below reports that Vladimir Putin gave approval “some time ago” to the “development of a new stealth bomber” for the Russian Air Force. The new bomber is said to be a “swing wing” design which will make it a maneuverable stealth aircraft. Since the “go ahead’ decision was given “some time ago,” this aircraft may already be in production in those secret Russian factories deep under the Ural Mountains that one reads of periodically. Who knows what else they are making there where the West’s spy satellites cannot see anything. The report comments that “the impression of a decaying [Russian] air force…is no longer suitable to the current situation. Russia’s very profitable energy exports give it much wealth to invest in new military equipment. Dollar comparisons between the USA and such nations as Russia and China in terms of military expenditures are meaningless. The US pays high wages in its production facilities and employs armies of high-paid civilians in the Pentagon. Russia and China can pay their production workers a pittance if they wish. Also, there is no way to accurately audit the estimated or released military expenditures by Russia and China.
Since the “end of the Cold War,” western planners have assumed that they would be able to include Russia and China into the global world system created by the Western nations. This was based on the previously-successful strategy of merging Germany and Japan into the emerging, globalist, western system after World War II. However, the most important element of that successful strategy for Japan and Germany is missing regarding Russia and China. Japan and Germany were utterly conquered and destroyed in World War II, and they had no choice but to merge into the system created by their conquerors. The Allies of World War II may not have realized it, but their successful policy toward Germany and Japan was the same benign policy utilized by the ancient Parthians who merged the defeated Seleucid Greek Empire into their own empire and made friends and allies of their former enemies (readers of my books will understand this point). However, Russia and China were not at all defeated in the Cold War. Their infrastructure was not bombed out of existence like Germany’s and Japan’s. Russia and China retained their strategic power and their recent actions are confirming that their odd “surrender” in the Cold War was simply a long-term ploy to dupe the West into dismantling their own military forces and their military infrastructure. Chess is a Russian national game, and the use of hidden traps and decoy strategies are central parts of that game. In the aftermath of the Cold War, Russia laid a trap for the West and the West fell for it. Now Russia is re-emerging as a military power at a time when the USA is so grossly in debt that it scarcely can afford to rebuild its military power. Where will the USA borrow the money to rebuild its depleted military forces? From China? Not likely as China is Russia’s strategic ally. The USA and the West have deceived themselves regarding Russian intentions. Ezekiel 38 reveals that Russia (and her allies) intend to do a “hostile take over” of the entire western world.
The third link below indicates that NATO military planners are beginning to realize that their downsized conventional military forces will not be enough to hold off a militarily-resurgent Russia and China. Top retired generals in the USA, UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands have urged that a “grand strategy” be adopted to combine the forces of the USA, NATO and the EU to “tackle the challenges of an increasingly brutal world.” The generals urged that the western nations adopt a nuclear “first strike” policy to defend “the West’s values and way of life.”  That message was obviously intended for Russian and Chinese ears.
The great confrontation of rival western and eastern alliances prophesied in Ezekiel continues to unfold before our eyes. The dramatic and simultaneous fulfillments of many biblical prophecies conclusively prove that a Creator God inspired those prophecies in ancient times and that he is making sure they come to pass at the appointed time…just as God said he would do in Isaiah 41:21-26. Mankind can pay attention to or ignore biblical prophecies, but mankind’s plans and goals will not decide the outcome of world geopolitics. God has already decided the outcome. He is the reigning Sovereign over the entire Creation; mankind is simply his intelligent creation. A prophecy in Matthew 24:21-22 indicates that mankind will eventually require the intervention of the Creator in order to avoid extinction in a terrible future war. News reports indicate that the nations are making preparations for that war already.,3566,324648,00.html