Two Russian inventors have received the Nobel prize for physics after they developed a new extremely-light substance which is also “100 times stronger than steel.” The new material is called graphene and it is “the strongest material known” even though it consists of a “single-atom thin sheet of carbon.” This new substance is also an incredibly efficient electrical conductor and is even transparent! It is so strong that several sheets of graphene “stacked as thick as plastic wrap could support the weight of an elephant.”

Recent blogs have examined strategic military developments by the western alliance (identified in the latter-day Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy as the modern nations of the “house of Israel”—the USA, many NATO nations, etc.). New cutting-edge western technological achievements have been the deployment of the X-37B space vehicle, a new laser system which confuses and deflects incoming cruise missiles, and the new cyber-warfare ability inherent in the Stuxnet computer virus which has reportedly disabled and delayed the Iranian nuclear facilities. Now the Russians (who with China, Iran and their allies are identified as being in the eastern Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38-39) have a new strategic advantage in this new graphene material. [New readers are urged to read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III].

The potential military advantages of graphene are numerous. Since it is very lightweight yet immensely stronger than steel, it could be used to protect many kinds of military equipment. How many layers of graphene would it take to make a tank or armored vehicle resistant to a standard anti-tank explosive rounds? How many layers of graphene would it take to make warplanes invulnerable to normal air-to-air cannon rounds? How many layers of graphene would it take to make the skin of an ICBM resistant to any laser-powered anti-missile system which “cooks” its way through an ICBM’s skin to destroy it? Since it is so lightweight but incredibly tough, it could be used as a new form of bullet-proof vest. Indeed, could it be woven into all Russian military uniforms, socks, helmets, etc. to make Russian soldier’s clothing impenetrable to normal NATO .223 ammunition? Since it is transparent, it could be useful in many covert, intelligence operations where enemy forces wouldn’t even realize it was present on something? Could multiple graphene layers on buildings and structures could make them invulnerable to mortar and grenade attacks?  This new material could revolutionize warfare tactics and equipment. Think how lightweight a tank could be made to be air-transportable if its armor was composed only of light-weight graphene? The military uses for graphene could be almost endless.

The USA and NATO need to steal or copy the design plans for graphene so they can also use it for the above purposes. It would be very useful in counter-insurgency wars like in Afghanistan. Multiple graphene layers on the undersides of standard armored vehicles could make them impenetrable to current IED explosions.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are other high-tech weaponry systems about which the general public knows nothing.  Daniel 11:4 prophesies that “knowledge will increase” in the latter days, and the Hebrew word translated “increase” means an exponential increase in knowledge. It is the same word used in Genesis 7:17 to describe how the waters “increased” during the flood of Noah’s time. Mankind did not evolve from random amino acids in a primordial pond slime, but was rather made in the express image of the Creator Elohim who said “let us make man in our image after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). The Bible observes that if mankind is left unrestrained by the Elohim (God), mankind will progress to the point where “nothing” which mankind imagines will be restrained from them (Genesis 11:6). Genesis 11:6 describes mankind’s situation when mankind was still using the pre-Flood technologies and language after the Deluge and was rebuilding the entire pre-Flood high-tech society (for information about that society, please listen to my audio message: “As It Was in the Days of Noah” at the speeches link at this website). Matthew 24:37 prophesies that in the latter days, mankind’s society would mirror the pre-Flood world so the pre-Flood technologies are being rapidly rebuilt by mankind today. Once again, biblical prophecy is proving to be 100% accurate!