Columnist J.R. Nyquist has passed on the warnings of a Russian writer that “the West does not care to wake from the dream of its wishful thinking” that Russia has forsaken its warlike goals of conquering the USA and the West. The Russian  writer, Marina Kalashnikova, has been jailed by Russian authorities for her courage to try and warn the western world about what is coming in the future.

She points out that Russia has already “outmaneuvered the West” in many parts of the world, especially Africa and South America, and they are “laughing” at the western nations’ indecision and passivity She also warns that the Russian leaders and generals “have modernized their nuclear bunkers” as they are preparing to survive a nuclear war with the West. According to Kalashnikova, “the West relies on the greed of Russia’s elites to keep the Kremlin line, but she warns that hope is a false one because the Kremlin is “not afraid of big military and civilian losses.”  She concludes: “The West sleeps. The West doesn’t want to hear about the danger…from the Kremlin and its Chinese allies.”

I urge every reader to read about Marina Kalashnikova’s warning in the first link below. Her warning is 100% consistent with God’s warning in Ezekiel 38 that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will attack the West at the very end of our age in a bid for global supremacy. Her warning needs to be taken very seriously by all citizens in the West…but it won’t be. She is right. Our leaders and people are “asleep.” Ezekiel 38:10-12 warn that the West will have neglected its defenses at the time of this end-time surprise attack. That has certainly come to pass. Europe has all but disarmed and the USA is depleting its military power in two Asian wars [the Hebrew word translated “safely” in verse 11 in the KJV can also be translated “carelessly” which better fits the context of nations unprepared for a military invasion.]

The second link below was sent by a reader to me. It details the account of recent joint war games conducted by the Russian and Chinese militaries. The maneuvers were not large-scale, but large-scale maneuvers are not needed to improve command and communications techniques between the two militaries for future joint action in the prophesied Ezekiel 38 war. Maneuvers such as these are necessary to enable the Russian and Chinese forces to work together tactically in military actions. Lessons learned from these small-scale maneuvers can be circulated throughout the Russian and Chinese militaries. This Russian-Chinese war games come on the heels of the recent Russian-Iranian naval maneuvers which will also enable Russian and Iranian forces to coordinate their actions and tactics against the West (I previously blogged about the Russian-Iranian maneuvers).

Russia, China and Iran are seriously preparing for a future war. God warns in Ezekiel 38 that this war will surely occur. Our western nations are “asleep.” There are no Winston Churchills, FDRs or Ronald Reagans in the modern western nations who can wake up the west to its growing peril. You ought to be increasingly concerned, and be praying for God to wake up our people and “heal our land” (II Chronicles 7:14).