Russia is continuing to act more militarily provocative. Its actions are similar to the actions taken during the Cold War as Russia flexes is military muscles and acts more aggressively. The first link reports that Russia conducted a major military exercise involving its entire “triad” of nuclear forces, and that this war game included actually firing both a land-launched and a sea-launched ICBM. It also details that Norway had to launch warplanes to intercept Russian strategic bombers.

Russia has been very assertive of late. Its successful annexation of the Crimea without any meaningful response from NATO or the Ukraine has only encouraged Russia to get more aggressive. Low-level conflict still is ongoing in the pro-Russian eastern provinces of the Ukraine, and it may well be that Russia intends to annex these Ukrainian provinces via process of diplomatic osmosis and creating a fait accompli on the ground.

The second link details an incident in which a Russian warplane wandered into NATO airspace over Estonia where it was intercepted by Danish and Portuguese warplanes. I doubt the incident was an accident. Each time Russia has its aircrews fly over or near NATO airspace, its military can watch NATO reaction times, see how far NATO can be provoked without any response, etc.

The final link reveals that Russia probed NATO airspace defenses 19 times within a single 24-hour period! That is obviously no accident, but a planned and coordinated effort. The link observes, correctly I believe, that “a version of the Cold War is returning, but its rules and parameters aren’t clear.”

Where it will all end is clear to those who understand biblical prophecy. As I’ve noted in many posts, Russia, allied with China, Iran and other nations, will at some future point launch a surprise, all-out military invasion of the Western nations led by NATO. This event is prophesied with great specificity in Ezekiel 38-39. That Russia is making probing military actions to learn NATO response times and intentions is entirely consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39, and is to be expected, given that we are living in the biblical latter days.

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