It has been revealed in the British media that Russian submarines are stalking British submarines armed with Trident nuclear missiles. This previously “secret” information reports that the Russians are attempting to record the acoustic signature of the British submarines’ propellers so any Russian submarine can recognize these vital British submarines in a future time of war in order to sink them. The Russians sent a “specially upgraded Akula class submarine” to shadow British missile submarines to accomplish this task. It is not known if the Russian efforts were successful. However, a British attack submarine is reported to have successfully obtained the acoustic signature of the specially-upgraded Russian submarine tasked to this effort.

A British Navy Commander is cited as stating that the Russian submarine fleet is “playing [similar games] with the Americans and French in the North Atlantic.” This means the Russians are attempting to obtain acoustic signature recordings for each American, British and French submarine armed with nuclear-tipped missiles. The British Navy reportedly has noted that Russian “contacts” with British submarines has reached its highest number “since 1987,” which was during the Cold War. In other words, Russia is now behaving as aggressively as the USSR did during the peak of the Cold War years.

No doubt, western war-planners are seeing all this and wondering if the renewed aggressiveness of Russia and the rapid militarization of Iran and China means that these nations are preparing for a future war with the USA, NATO nations and their allies. As readers of this blog know, the Bible prophesies in Ezekiel 38-39 that it is not a matter of if Russia, China and Iran their allies intend to attack the USA, NATO and their allies in the future, it is a matter of when this attack will occur. If readers wish to review a detailed analysis of this critically-important latter-day prophecy, you can do so by reading my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III, available for free at the “Articles” link at this website’s homepage.

A recent blog reported that China is nearly ready to deploy a new class of ballistic missiles specifically designed to attack and sink US aircraft carriers in the opening phase of a future world war. Both Russia and China (and likely Iran) all have supersonic cruise missiles designed to attack and sink US aircraft carriers and other American/western surface ships. If Russian and Chinese submarines are able to obtain the acoustic signatures of each NATO submarine equipped with nuclear missiles, it means one more vital asset of the strategic power of the USA and NATO is vulnerable to destruction in the opening phase of a world war. If these major assets were destroyed by the “Gog Magog” alliance at the beginning of the future age-ending World War III, it would make Russian-Chinese war planners less reluctant to start the war because they would be more confident that they would only sustain “acceptable losses” from what the USA and NATO could use to counter-attack. If Russia, China and/or Iran used cruise missiles equipped with tactical nuclear warheads to strike major US military bases at Guam, Pearl Harbor, Diego Garcia, etc. at the start of the prophesied Ezekiel 38-39 war, Russian and Chinese war-planners could well think that they could successfully take out so much of the American/NATO counterstrike capacity that launching a new world war would result in their victory and global domination.  Thankfully, Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that God will make sure that an unspecified portion of the Gog-Magog’s alliance’s missile-launchers and missiles (“bows and arrows” in ancient terminology for ancient long-distance weapons that are launched into the air toward a distant target) will not work successfully. This could result from Divine intervention or via God allowing the American and NATO nations to invent and deploy successful anti-missile defenses that will shoot down the attacking missiles of the Gog-Magog alliance.

PS. To any US military officials reading this blog, please be sure that upgraded anti-missile defenses are not only placed on US warships, but also at all key US military bases such as Guam, Pearl Harbor, Diego Garcia and all “stateside” bases as well. When the Gog-Magog attack begins, you can expect all key US and NATO military assets and bases to be attacked simultaneously and without warning so those defenses need to always be on “active” readiness status. That Russia is trying very hard to obtain the acoustic signatures of NATO “boomer” submarines indicates that Russia is doing all it can to prepare to launch the future “surprise attack” that they are planning vs. the USA and the West (which would be no surprise at all if American/NATO war-planners heeded God’s advance warning to them in Ezekiel 38-39). If they do not heed that advance warning now, they will wish they had done so when the Gog-Magog attack begins in a future year.