The first link below reports that “1000s” of Russian spies are currently active in the USA and that “America is infested with more Russian spies than at any point in history.” The second link is from the respected intelligence service, Stratfor, which details how US counterintelligence forces arrested an entrenched Russian spy ring that had been active in the USA for about a decade. There are several points worth making about these revelations and how this is consistent with the Ezekiel 38 prophecy about a future Gog-Magog invasion of North America, Europe, etc.—the lands inhabited by the modern descendants of the ten tribes of Israel which were prophesied to grow very numerous after their exile (Hosea 1:10), to develop empires and great nations of their own as they ruled over their former captors in future centuries (Isaiah 14:2), and to become a powerful “nation and company of nations” in the latter days (Genesis 49:14-50:1).

The first observation is that Russia is engaged in an all-out spying effort against the USA. Are they after American commercial and military secrets? No doubt they are. The Russian spies are not alone. Previous blogs have documented many reports that the Chinese are also spying intensively on the USA. One previous blog documented sources that China has stolen much of the information regarding the USA’s planned F-35 fighter. Given the fast rate at which China is militarizing and the slow rate at which the USA is building new weaponry, China might build the F-35 fighter before the USA if they stole more F-35 secrets than US intelligence agencies realize. Also, besides the thousands of actual agents that Russia and China have placed in the USA, both nations have been launching cyberspying efforts which garner secret information and files via electronic spying efforts that do not need physical human agents in place. The evidence indicates that it is safe to say that Russia and China are waging an intensive intelligence war against the USA (and its western allies) already.

This fits perfectly with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia and China will lead a large alliance of nations in a surprise military attack against the USA, NATO and its allies at the very end of this age called the “latter days” in the Bible (Ezekiel 38:8, 16). Given that the Bible reveals this invasion of North America and Europe will surely occur, it points to another reason why “1000s” of Russian (and Chinese) spies are now in the USA. Surely, the traditional Russian spies are looking for power, influence and information among the politicians, scientists and intelligentsia of the nation just as they did in the Cold War. However, before a major invasion occurs, the invading power always scouts out the land to be invaded to ascertain how best to attack that nation and immobilize its ability to defend itself when attacked. If I were the spymaster of the Russian and Chinese spy forces, I would have more “1000s” of innocuous agents posing as tourists, students, immigrants, etc. spying on infrastructure, transportation, and communication hubs to identify how to inflict the maximum possible damage upon the USA when that future “Gog-Magog” attack comes. I’d assign agents to identify the weakest links in the electricity-generating power stations, the gas pipelines, the communications and internet hubs, etc. which could be easily and simultaneously attacked in the first hour of a future surprise attack.

The first link notes how Russian spy efforts involve “very patient” efforts to place agents in place as long as 15 or 20 years in advance of when they are needed. The estimate of “1000s” of Russian spies in the USA by US intelligence agencies is based on the Russian activities that they do know about; they do not include the numbers of Russian spies who are not seeking information in the corridors of power, but rather are tasked solely to drive around the nation and identify the best targets to attack in the opening hour of that prophesied first attack. Some pipelines and electric grids may be taken down with a few RPGs or shoulder-launched missiles. Russia’s spies will identify the best ways to take out each target they identify. They have likely been doing this project for years already.

Secondly, it should give hope to Americans that the Russian spy-ring which was shut down and arrested had been tracked and monitored by the FBI for many years. Having so many years to watch their activities means the FBI likely identified all the high-level American politicians and experts that they talked to and they watched all the people the spy-ring interacted with. There are doubtless some very embarrassing interviews being done behind the scenes with high-ranking US officials, experts, etc. The FBI may even had televised some of the interactions between targeted US sources and the Russian spy-ring members (as was done in the ABSCAM “sting” operation years ago). As you read how the Russian spy-ring operated in the links below, this should make for some very interesting videoclips to show to their US contacts who will doubtlessly be highly-motivated to reveal all they know in order to keep any such videos from being made public. The fact that the FBI was aware of this Russian spy-ring for many years and passively watched it to learn about its methods and contacts should assure Americans that our own counterintelligence forces are far from helpless. And of course, successful overseas spying efforts by the CIA will never be made known to American citizens at all.

These links reveal that Russia (identified as the lead nation of the Gog-Magog alliance in Ezekiel 38) is already at war against the USA in the intelligence/spying arena. What we do not know is the future date when the Gog-Magog attack will occur; however, we can prove that we are living in the “latter days”—the time period when the attack is prophesied to occur. For those readers who have not done so yet, I urge you to read my article “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?” That article will give you abundant evidence matching biblical prophecies about the latter days with modern and recent events to show that the biblical prophecies are being precisely fulfilled in plain sight—for those who have eyes to see it.