Steven Collins

May 10, 2008 

As readers of this blog know, biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38 indicates that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will build a latter-day alliance which will become sufficiently strong to launch an invasion of the western nations at the climax of our age. In a relentlessly-ongoing affirmation of biblical prophecy, Russia and China are continuing to take measures which are intended to weaken and intimidate the West. Here’s the latest.

Previous blogs have noted that Russia has resumed the Cold War-era rhetoric of the Soviet Union. Its actions are increasingly bellicose and provocative. Russian bombers have buzzed US aircraft carriers on the high seas and have made attack runs at NATO shorelines to probe NATO defense measures. Russia has now reinstituted the Soviet practice of holding military parades to showcase its armaments (see first three links for story and photos). Russia has vast energy revenues which are being used to rebuild Russian military power, and its “sizzler” supersonic cruise missiles has surpassed the cruise missile technology of the West. Europe is in an exceptionally weak position vis a vis Russia as much of Europe is now dependent on Russian energy pipelines to keep European economies functioning. In a geopolitical crisis, Europe is extremely vulnerable to Russian energy blackmail. When the US Space Shuttles are retired around 2010, Russia will still have launch vehicles to reach the International Space Station, but the USA will not have a space vehicle available. The once-vaunted US technology is starting to slip behind its rivals in important respects.

China’s rise to superpower status continues rapidly. The fourth and fifth links below detail a story unknown to most Americans. Throughout Africa, Latin America, Australia and the USA, Chinese companies and agents are buying up farmlands, factories, companies, businesses and real estate. Quipped Tyson Food’s China Manager: “Its like a land grab.” However, as the LA Times link reports: “…many Chinese entrepreneurs prefer to keep a low profile, and experts say [Chinese investment] figures don’t include a lot of investment activity happening under the radar.” China is using its gargantuan foreign exchange surpluses to buy up large swaths of vital property and real estate in western nations. China has already successfully lured western companies into relocating their factories to Chinese soil so China is on a two-pronged economic attack against the West. The first effort, to lure the West’s manufacturing base to China, was wildly successful as it was based on appealing to the unbridled greed of western corporations for short-term profits at the expense of the long-term security of the western nations. Now that China has amassed a vast war chest of surplus funds, it is proceeding to buy up valuable properties in the western world itself. If current trends continue, future western generations will be working for Chinese overlords in America, Europe, Australia, etc. China has very skillfully seized dominance of the world’s debt-money systems and used it to its own strategic advantages. To see how the world banking system and excessive debt was used to enslave ancient Israelites on their own soil in ancient times, you are invited to read my article “What Kind of Captivity?” available at this website. The same kind of captivity which repeatedly befell ancient Israelites in the book of Judges is now happening to the USA and the western democracies.

The sixth link below details India’s growing “alarm” at China’s military build-up, especially its massive new naval base on Hainan Island. One British source described the new Chinese naval base as a “vast, James Bond-style edifice capable of concealing up to 20 nuclear submarines and which will enable China to project its power across the region.” Faced with the growing Chinese threat, India is looking to build up its own naval, submarine and missile forces to protect itself against the Chinese threat. India has bought a 16,900 ton warship, the USS Trenton, from the USA to quickly build up its own fleet. Since China is helping to build a naval port on Pakistan’s Indian Ocean shoreline, India has especially good reason to be concerned by such cooperation between India’s two main strategic rivals. These trends are pushing India into the arms of the West in a growing strategic alliance to counter China, as previous blogs at this site have noted.

The USA’s CIA Director, Michael Hayden, recently acknowledged that “China was building up its military with “remarkable speed and scope,” and added that these trends could soon cause China to have an “adversarial relationship with the world.” One is tempted to say this is a “Duhh” moment. Anyone with a brain has been able to see these trends developing “in the open” for years. It is hardly revelatory that a CIA Director would acknowledge what is already painfully obvious. However, given the past blindness of US intelligence forces to China’s militarization threats, I suppose that it is progress to have a CIA Director acknowledge what is glaringly obvious. He has to weakly pussyfoot in his statements though because western global corporations are so heavily influenced by Chinese pressures, given the fact that the western factories now operating in China will be “owned” by the western corporations only as long as China allows it. The USA and the western democracies are in far worse shape now than the Western allies were in the years leading up to World War II. In the 1930s, the USA, UK, etc, had not relocated their factories to Nazi Germany’s soil. However, the modern Western world has foolishly relocated its manufacturing base to China before the World War III which will feature the West and their allies on one side and Russia, China and Iran and their allies on the other (exactly as Ezekiel 38 prophesied).

The leaders of the West will, no doubt, seek to cajole and persuade China to be a submissive, subservient member of the global New World Order, but China sees that it can end up owning the entire global economy and make the leaders of the West submit to China’s dictates. China has dealt itself a winning hand on the economic and monetary fronts, but it is now building an ultramodern, superpower military to impose its will on the western world if the West does not willingly submit to Chinese hegemony. Ezekiel 38 (and other prophesies) reveal that China, with its Russian and Iranian allies, will at some point in the future, impose a military solution on the western world. We are not there yet, but world events confirm that Ezekiel 38 is now speeding toward its inevitable, future fulfillment. The West needs to wake up an start building up their own militaries…while they have time. China isn’t going to wait for them to catch up.

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