The link below from the New York Times reports that two nuclear attack Russian submarines were spotted patrolling off the eastern coast of the USA today. According to one source cited in the story, this is the first time the Russians have placed two nuclear attack subs off the US coast “in 15 years.” This is a return to the provocative tactics that the USSR used during the Cold War. The Russian subs were reported to be in international waters, but it is still a provocative new naval deployment for Russia. As the article also notes, this naval act was preceded months ago by the deployment of Russian bombers just off US airspace in Alaska.

While not mentioned in this article, my previous blogs have documented that Russian bombers also swooped low over US aircraft carriers months ago in the Pacific Ocean in a very warlike attack maneuver. Russia also reasserted itself globally when a flotilla of Russian warships visited Venezuela in the Western hemisphere recently. Clearly, Russia is acting more aggressively toward the USA. One of the Russian subs is a new nuclear sub class which can carry missiles which can be launched against land targets.

Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the end of this age will witness a Russian-led attack against the USA, NATO nations in Europe and their allies around the world. Based on other biblical prophecies, I do not live in fear that this Russian-led attack will occur soon. Russia is still building up its military strength along with its allies, China and Iran. Ezekiel 38 prophesies  that China and Iran will be allies of Russia in this eventual military attack. However, it makes sense for Russia to make such combat deployments of bombers and warships often enough that they will seem to be “routine” to US war planners so US planners don’t get alarmed about them when they happen. That action is intended to lull an enemy into complacency. Based on Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, someday those Russian bombers and warships (along with their allies) will actually start World War III. One comforting part of this story is that the US military had no problem detecting the Russian subs.

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