As readers of this blog know, Ezekiel 38 prophesies that the Creator God of the Bible will move Russia, China, Iran and many other nations to form an alliance which will attack the USA and the entire western world in the “latter days” of this age. If God is real (and you can easily prove that he is by reading my articles, “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? and “Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?”), then nothing can avert the future World War III prophesied in Ezekiel 38.  In recent years, the hostile alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 has come into being and it is increasingly confrontational toward the USA and the West. No power on earth can stop this prophecy from being fulfilled, but you can understand that these trends confirm the reality of God and the Bible’s accuracy and you can make changes in your life so you can come under Divine protection in the years ahead.
Recent events confirm Russia’s military is steadily increasing its aggressive actions vs. the USA as the Russian Bear comes out of hibernation. The first link below (from details an important story so far ignored by the American and Western press. Russia’s military is embarking on its largest global military exercise since 1984 (a quarter-century ago). Russia’s nuclear bombers will deploy to locations around the world and Russian nuclear bombers will conduct live-fire cruise-missile tests “uncomfortably close to the US state of Alaska.”  According to Russian spokesmen, these Russian bombers will “carry their maximum combat payload and fire all the cruise missiles on board.” Obviously, such an extensive exercise which expends many cruise missiles constitutes a trial run of a full-fledged attack vs. a future target…which is primarily the USA. Ezekiel 38:15 prophesies that the Russian-led invasion will attack the modern nations of “Israel” (the “ten tribes of Israel,” not the Jews/Israelis who are called “Judah” in the Bible) from the north. This Russian bomber exercise is practicing a Russian attack vs. the USA and Canada from the north (and you thought the Bible wasn’t “relevant” to the modern world?).
This Russian exercise will also feature the Russian heavy missile-cruiser, Peter the Great, leading a flotilla of Russian ships into the Mediterranean Sea and docking in Libya (which Ezekiel 38 foretells will be an ally of Russia in World War III) and also in Syria. If you wish to see a Russian video of Peter the Great steaming past Gibraltar on its way into the Mediterranean, you can do so at the second link below (it is in the Russian language but has great video of the straits of Gibraltar). Ominously, media reports indicate that Syria is massing troops near the Lebanese border, perhaps indicating that it is pondering an invasion of Lebanon. The USA has warned Syria against such action, but the docking of a large Russian missile cruiser in a Syrian port indicates that this Russian naval ship could be positioned to shoot down any American, Israeli or Western planes which attempt to stop a Syrian invasion. These kinds of actions may only be aggressive jockeying which will not lead to war, and we should recall that Matthew 24:6 prophesied there would be many “rumors of wars” as well as actual “hot wars” in the latter days. However, at a minimum, it confirms a return to the Russian military muscle-flexing which characterized the old Cold War.
What is the West doing to meet this looming threat? Nothing! NATO planners are blinded by Russia’s military weakness in recent years and are not grasping the extent of its current resurgence. NATO planners also do not grasp what Ezekiel 38 openly foretells: that NATO nations (and their allies) will be targeted by a surprise attack by the combined militaries of Russia, China, Iran and their allies in the future.
The West is in a grim predicament of its own making. Reckless Wall Street “investment vehicles” (CDOs, credit default swaps, derivatives, etc.) have led to an unprecedented $700,000,000,000 Congressional bailout of the Wall Street culprits and the general banking system. The entire Western world is in hock up to its eyeballs in unpayable debts and “bad paper.” However, Russia is flush with energy surpluses and is well-positioned to rebuild its military forces. China is very rapidly building a powerful, modern military with all the surpluses it has amassed from the foolish westerners who borrowed so much money from China. Both Russia and China are arming Iran (Ezekiel 38’s prophecy is consistently being validated in world events).
The USA used to be the “arsenal of Democracy” before the lust for short-term gains duped American companies into relocating much of America’s industrial base to China. President Clinton cut the US military roughly in half and President Bush has worn the remaining half of the US military “to a frazzle” with overdeployments to ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. All superpowers need a solid financial/economic base to support large military forces, but America’s financial/economic base is teetering on a precipice.
Other NATO nations are also in growing danger. Previous blogs at this site have documented that a significant percentage of France’s military equipment simply “doesn’t work” and a recent blog reported that France is dramatically downsizing its already shriveled military forces. Germany is pacifist and its token military force deployed to Afghanistan mostly remain in their barracks, disinclined to venture where real bullets are flying. Now the United Kingdom is cutting back its military forces…again. The final link below documents that the Royal Navy is mothballing some of its principle warships due to a lack of funding.  The once-mighty Royal Navy used to rule the world’s oceans. Now it would be hard-pressed to defend its own coastlands. Its number of destroyers and frigates has been reduced from 35 to 22 just in the last decade. NATO is increasingly an “empty shell” with no surplus military forces to draw upon in a major crisis or war. Russia, China, Iran and their allies see the growing weakness of the western alliance, and they are as emboldened as a shark smelling blood. Ezekiel 38 prophesies this “shark” will eventually “go for the kill” in some future year. The Western world, profoundly duped by evolutionary fables, doesn’t take the Creator’s Word seriously any more, even thought it was adherence to the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Bible which led to the rise of the Western nations.
In ancient biblical times, the Kingdom of Israel (the ten tribes of Israel) was rebuked by the prophet Hosea (8:14) with these words: “For Israel has forgotten his Maker.” History is repeating itself. The nations of modern “Israel” have also forgotten their Maker. Like ancient Israel, the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel will also learn the dire consequences of forgetting their Maker, Blessor and Protector.