Steven Collins
September 14, 2008
In recent years, the USA has extended NATO’s alliance to include the old Warsaw Pact nations, the Baltic states and has even tried to extend NATO membership to Georgia and the Ukraine..right on Russia’s doorstep. NATO has even conducted naval maneuvers recently in the Black Sea…again on Russia’s doorstep and very close to Russia’s main naval base in the Crimea. Russia is now reacting swiftly. It invaded Georgia, seems to be supplanting the pro-Western head of the Ukraine and is now renewing the Cold War in the Western Hemisphere as well. In what is likely intended as a quid pro quo for the aggressive actions of the USA and NATO in Europe and Asia, Russian military forces will now deploy to Latin America.
Two modern Russian bombers recently landed in Venezuela, the first deployment of Russian military aircraft to the Western Hemisphere in some time. They were welcomed by Hugo Chavez’s Venezuelan government, which has joined the Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance against the USA/NATO and the West. The first link below details this story and also mentions that  Russian “long range patrol planes” will soon deploy to Venezuela for joint maneuvers with Venezuelan forces. The second link below reports that Russia will also send a nuclear-powered battle cruiser and three other Russian warships to Venezuela for these same maneuvers.
Russia has clearly embarked on an aggressive Cold War-like policy to counter the USA and spread Russian influence around the world. According to an analysis in the third link below, the USA is not yet taking Russia seriously. The USA better begin to take these Russian actions seriously because Russia is playing a deadly-serious chess game with the West. Russia is furious about the deployment of American missile batteries to Poland. I would not be surprised if, in the not-too-distant future, Russia establishes a missile base in Venezuela in retaliation for American missiles being placed in Poland. Indeed, given that Cuba is still a Communist nation, don’t be surprised if Russian warships begin making calls at Cuban ports in the near future. If NATO wants to have naval maneuvers in the Black Sea near a main Russian naval base, perhaps Russia will schedule a Russian-Venezuelan-Cuban-Nicaraguan naval exercise in international waters just off the US Gulf Coast.
Russia is deadly serious about restoring its power and influence in the world. Flush with energy riches, Russia is in a position to do so. The USA, on the other hand, sinking in a sea of budgetary red-ink, has dealt itself a very weak hand in the game of global poker to be played out in the years ahead of us.
This is all consistent with the key latter-day prophecy in Ezekiel 38. Russia was prophesied to build an alliance of many anti-western nations which will eventually openly attack the West in a surprise military attack. Ezekiel 38:10-12 prophesy that the targeted nations will have let down their defenses and will be taken by complete surprise when this attack occurs. Russia’s aggressiveness and the USA’s cluelessness to Russia’s global strategy indicate Ezekiel 38’s prophecy is still heading toward a precise fulfillment in the future. I do not “predict dates” at this website (I think it is foolish to do so), but the table is being set for the eventual fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 right before our very eyes…if we have eyes to see what is really happening.,2933,420522,00.html