I’ve been following your site since learning of you through Church at the Gate and having a chance to start reading your books.  I don’t really have any comment or question for you at the moment, however, I thought that the following links are extremely relevant.




Thanks for sending me these two links about (A) the uncertainty of an Arab peace offer to the Israelis and (B) new Russian efforts to gain influence within the Afghan government currently being propped by the USA. Both of these developments are worthy of watching to see how biblical prophecies are fulfilled. The eventual outcome of the Arab peace proposal will determine whether positive future relations exists between the Israelis and Arabs or whether a new breach occurs. The Russian effort to ingratiate itself to the Afghan government is a cagey chess move by Putin. No doubt, it sends the message to the Afghan government that it is welcome to become a Russian vassal-state in the future when/if the USA has to pull out of Afghanistan.

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