In a story that was barely covered anywhere in the media, a Russian general has released a statement threatening Finland and Sweden if they develop closer ties with NATO and suggesting that these two Nordic nations ought to “have closer military cooperation with Russia” (see first link). The Russian general was identified in the story as “Russia’s military chief” so it is almost certain his remarks were approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin before he made them. That the Russian general made these bellicose statements while in Finland makes his statements even more threatening in nature.
The Russian General dislikes the “continuing Nordic defense cooperation project” as he obviously sees it as a threat to Russia. This Nordic Defense Cooperation Council is an effort by the Scandinavian nations to form an alliance of their own, and Russia does seem to be the obvious threat they all jointly face. 
As you can see in the link, both Finland and Sweden reacted with statements deflecting the warning of the Russian general and Finland’s statement was the angriest in tenor. It is my view that the remark by the Russian general will backfire against Russia. His remarks are likely to accelerate efforts in the Nordic nations to enable their militaries to act together for mutual defense. The second link details that the Nordic Defense Cooperation Council consists of five nations: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The third link which I also found on a websearch likely explains the sudden Russian angst about the Nordic Cooperation Council. It relates that just three months ago, the Baltic republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia also showed clear signs of wanting to join the Nordic Defense Council. This is a “Defense” council, not a cultural one, so the emphasis of this Nordic Council is mutual military defense. This being the case, the Nordic Defense Council could unite eight nations against any outside aggressor. Russia seems to be the only possible aggressor that these nations would have to resist. Russia’s outburst against Finland and Sweden confirms that viewpoint very strongly.
As readers of my books know, I identify Finland as the modern nation representing the Israelite tribe of Issachar and Sweden as composing the Israelite tribe of Naphtali. My books also identify Norway and Iceland as modern nations of the tribe of Benjamin and Denmark as part of the modern tribe of Dan (for which “Danmark” is named). Since Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that Russia will be a lead nation in an alliance which will attack the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel, the Bible gives us an advance warning that a Russian attack against all the tribes of Israel will occur at the end of our modern age. The Nordic nations are wise to see Russia as a potential enemy and to make some advance preparations. It is to their credit that they see the Russian threat for what it is, although I doubt their actions to form a military alliance are based on any understanding of biblical prophecy. It is too bad that other modern Israelite nations which are located geographically further away from Russia (especially the USA) do not seem to be able to see the growing Russian threat for what it is.
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