According to the link below, Russia has sold cruise missiles to Syria which represent a new threat to Israeli warships. The Russian cruise missiles have a range of 180 miles so their reach can extend far outward into the Mediterranean Sea from Syria’s coastal region. The Israelis quite justifiably fear that these cruise missiles will be conveyed by Syria to Hezbollah for use against Israeli warships in any future war. The USA and Israel both pleaded with Russia not to send the cruise missiles to Syria, but Russia spurned their entreaties. This should come as no surprise. Russia has seen President Obama’s weak responses to Chinese demands and pressures, so Russia likely sees no need to take the Obama administration very seriously in such matters.

Russia insists the missiles will not go to “terrorists,” but then Russia’s and Syria’s definition of “terrorist” may be different than the definition held by the USA and Israel. The link also notes that Syria gave sophisticated anti-tank weaponry to Hezbollah which was used against the Israelis in the recent Israeli-Hezbollah war. This gives a lot of weight to Israeli fears about the cruise missiles also finding their way to Hezbollah. Technically, Syria could say it “hasn’t given any cruise missiles to Hezbollah” if Syria conveys some of these cruise missiles to friendly officials in Lebanon’s government and the Lebanese then convey them to Hezbollah.

When/if the next major Mideast war occurs and Syria’s actions cause great harm to the Israelis, we may see Isaiah 17:1 fulfilled.  Isaiah 17 several times (verses 4, 7, 9, 11) uses the prophetic phrase “in that day” or “at that day” which is generally a reference to the “day of the Lord” or the “latter days” which will occur at the end of our age. Many biblical prophecies have references to great wars which will occur at the end of our age. Isaiah 17:1 strongly indicates that Damascus is one major city which will not survive to see the end of our age. Syria is playing a very dangerous game supplying Hezbollah with weaponry from Russia and Iran (key members of the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38-39). Damascus is well within the range of many Israeli missiles and weapons. If Hezbollah uses weaponry supplied by Syria against Israeli warships and cities, don’t be surprised if the city of Damascus pays the price.