December 2, 2008
Steven Collins
Russia and China are waging a cyberwar vs. the USA, but the US government seems to be unconcerned about it (which is, itself, a major cause for concern).
The first link below from the LA Times reports that an intense cyberwar originating in Russia was “designed specifically to target military networks”. It further reports that President Bush was briefed by military leaders on the extent of this “severe and widespread electronic attack on US Defense Department computers” which “penetrated at least one highly protected classified network.”
China is also waging a cyberwar vs. the USA. The second link below (from CBS News) reports that “China has stepped up computer espionage attacks on the US government, defense contractors and American businesses.” Apparently, China’s cyberattacks are successful and, if so, the Bush administration’s electronic defense efforts are plainly incompetent. What other conclusion can be drawn when the report adds that “China is stealing vast amounts of sensitive information from US computer networks” (emphasis added)?
The “Washington Whispers” portion of the December 1/8, 2008 issue of US News and World Report had a brief story entitled “China Boards US Port” (see p. 22) which noted that Nutech, a Chinese company “run by the son of China’s President Hu Jintao and [which] does business with US foes” was the low-bidder of a project to provide “high-tech scanning machines” for the port of Los Angeles as part of the US security systems. The article asks: “Will Nutech’s computers be hooked up to Department of Homeland Security’s databases?”
Let’s see if we understand this situation. FACT ONE: China and Russia are actively waging a cyberwar vs. the USA which is seeking to steal as many sensitive secrets as possible and it is so severe an attack that President Bush has to be personally briefed about this risk to national security. FACT TWO: A Chinese company run by the son of China’s leader (who is in charge of the Chinese government which is waging this intense cyberwar vs. the USA) puts in a low-ball bid to ensure that its high-tech scanners will be in a sensitive port security location and may even be connected to the Homeland Security Department’s secure electronic systems. Does anyone out there reading this blog see a possible threat to national security here? Obviously, placement of this high-tech scanner within the US Homeland Security network of computers can easily be presumed to be an effort by China to further penetrate and compromise US port security (specifically) and all US security systems (generally). Consider also a recent blog at this site which cited reports that China was implicated in a mass terrorist plan involving an Iranian ship which apparently planned to blow itself up off the coast of Israel with a radioactive cargo loaded in a Chinese port. You would think US security officials would be alert and warning against this deal going through, right?? Wrong!
The last link below reports a considerable amount of detail about this Chinese plan to insert its electronic systems into the USA’s computerized security networks. This links notes that the “homeland security director” at the Port of Los Angeles “is not troubled” by any of this and that neither is FEMA. Remember FEMA? That was the government agency that did such a great job of coming to the rescue of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina! “Heckofajob, Brownie” said President Bush to FEMA’s then-Director, even though it was obvious to everyone by then that FEMA was doing a stunningly inept job. [Sarcasm intended here.]  The last link below has a video from CNN’s Lou Dobbs program on this incredible lapse by US security agencies.
As this last link correctly observes, “scary events are taking place right before our eyes” and “America is asleep at the wheel” when it comes to security matters. Amen.
As a personal observation, I can only come up with three possible conclusions for this willful blindness to the obvious security risk posed by the Chinese effort to penetrate US homeland security systems: (A) the Department of Homeland Security and the Port of Los Angeles is actually being run by “Moe, Larry and Curly of the Three Stooges era, (B) top security personnel within the USA are bought off or compromised by Chinese agents, or (C) President Bush has ordered US intelligence agencies to allow the Chinese to invade our security systems because the Chinese government (run by the father of Nutech) has threatened to sell its US Treasury portfolio on world markets unless Chinese anti-American spying efforts are facilitated by the US government’s inaction in key areas. I cannot believe the US security people who are signing off on this obviously-dangerous situation can possibly be so dumb and naive.
Proverbs 22:7 warns that “borrowers are servants (slaves) to lenders.” The USA is the servant and China is the lender, so the USA’s foolishness in getting hooked on Chinese loans is progressively causing the sovereignty of the USA’s decisions to be gradually transferred to Beijing. My blogs many months ago cited a book, Unrestricted Warfare,” by Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui of the People’s Liberation Army of Communist China that China would wage war against the USA on many economic, monetary and commercial fronts before China openly waged war militarily vs. the USA. China’s war plans, outlined in this book, are coming to pass exactly as they proposed. It is doubtless China’s hope that the USA will so weaken itself from within that it will fall into China and Russia’s hands like ripe fruit without any need for a shooting war. Hmmm. Maybe Congress should investigate what Henry Paulson is discussing with the Chinese during his reportedly very numerous trips to China to confer with its leaders.
Ezekiel 38 prophesied that Russia, China and Iran will militarily attack the USA and its allies at the end of this age. It also prophesies the people of the western nations will be clueless that this attack is imminent. The intent of Russia, China and Iran toward the USA and the West is, based on the actual evidence, completely hostile. The current US government is “asleep.” Let’s hope the incoming government “wakes up.”
So as you fly anywhere in the USA during the holiday season and the Dept. of Homeland Security (the TSA) has all of you remove your shoes, belts and whatever else you have to remove nowadays, consider that the same Dept. of Homeland Security is allowing Communist China to insert its electronic systems into the USA’s electronic security grid with no objections. The US Dept. of Homeland Security is “straining at gnats and swallowing camels.” No one is “minding the store” in Washington, DC.,0,6441140.story