In a clear sign that Russia is reverting to the Cold War USSR’s mindset, a formation of Russian strategic bombers and refueling aircraft flew off the American Alaskan coast and flew as far southward to be a mere 50 miles off the California coast (first link). Additionally, Russian warships and spy ships have made appearances off the USA’s eastern seaboard (second link and third link). These are also a return to Cold War activities similar to what the USSR did. This is bad enough, but China has joined Russia as an active ally (just as the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 foretold would occur in the latter days of our age). The last link reports an incident in 2010 when China reportedly fired a ballistic missile on the west Coast of the USA just off the shores of Los Angeles. This warlike challenge to the USA was not given the proper attention it deserved by the establishment media. These actions should all be seen as provocative actions by Russia and China to see if the current President, Barack Obama, has any backbone or steel in his soul to push back against rival nations. If so, Russia and China have seen Obama lacks the mettle to take assertive action to counter these bellicose Russian and Chinese actions.

I wonder what President Reagan would have done in response to these actions if they had been done during the Cold War? I am only guessing, of course, but I’ll bet he would have responded with an “in-kind” response to show America still has some steel in its resolve. If today’s China had launched a ballistic missile just off the coast of Los Angeles, I think Reagan would have ordered a US submarine to fire a ballistic missile just off the coast of China so it would be clearly visible to all who lived in a major Chinese port city. I have little doubt that if Russia had sent warships and spy ships to positions just off our coastline, he would have sent similar US ships to be stationed an equal distance from Russian port cities like Vladivostok and/or St. Petersburg.

Russia and China must be delighted to have such a weak person in the US presidency as Barack Obama. He has done nothing to counter the bellicose Russian or Chinese actions, and the whole world now knows his “red lines” mean nothing. All nations have seen that, in spite of China and Russia building new weaponry and expanding their militaries, Obama is disarming and downsizing the US military forces. In my opinion, Obama’s actions seem to display a major “disconnect” between the real world and his perceptions of it. This “disconnect” can only portend bad things for the USA in future years. However, it is wholly consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 that the Russians and Chinese are becoming more armed and militaristic while the USA disarms and weakens its defenses. It invites a war against us to encourage our enemies into thinking we (the USA) are a soft target. Those who wish to see evidence the USA is specifically addressed in Ezekiel 38-39 and other biblical “latter day” prophecies are invited to read my homepage article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, and listen to my audio messages on the history of the ten tribes of Israel. If you do, you will understand current events and historical events in a much clearer perspective than what you were taught at school.