Steven Collins
March 26, 2008
Russian military actions are becoming steadily more aggressive. The first link below (from MSNBC) reports that Russian bombers were intercepted by US jets just off Alaskan borders and that other Russian bombers have flown over US carriers and the important US military base at Guam. This link notes the Russian military is coming out of hibernation as “the Russian navy has finished construction of moth-balled submarines and restarted large-scale naval exercises.” Russia’s military will continue to grow as it is fueled by immense energy profits.
The second link below (from the Washington Times) has two noteworthy stories. An earlier blog at this website reported that Russian bombers had buzzed the USS Nimitz without any meaningful US response. Perhaps emboldened by the flaccid US response, Russian bombers have buzzed the Nimitz a second time. In a bizarre twist, the report notes the “Pentagon has sought to play down the Russian buzzing as non-threatening.” One wonders why the Pentagon is being apologetic for what is obviously a “hostile action” by the Russians toward the USA. If US B-1 bombers were buzzing the Russian fleet, you can be sure Russia would not be reacting in a spineless manner.
Previous blogs at this location have reported that China is deploying many types of new cruise missiles which can be launched from land, sea and air against US carriers or other US targets. Also in the second link below is a new report that China is also deploying ballistic missiles to hit US carriers! As the article notes, this “degree of sophistication” was “no doubt helped by the theft of US warhead design and other secrets through espionage in the 1990s [the Clinton years].” China is deadly serious about having the ability to simultaneously launch so many types of missiles at US carriers in the opening salvo of a future war that none of the US carriers are likely to survive the opening minutes of a new war. China’s ballistic missiles would target even those carriers in US home ports and Chinese and Russian subs could launch cruise missiles at all US carriers whether they are in the open sea or in US ports when a war is started. Unless the US gets serious about defending its carriers from Chinese and Russian missile attacks in the future, a new war could feature the loss of most of the US Navy in the opening phase of a new war. Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies such a war is certain to come in during the latter days of this age, so the Chinese and Russian war preparations indicate that this end-time war may only be a few years off. I will not “set dates” for this war, but the Russians and Chinese are preparing at a feverish pace to disable the US military in the opening phase of a new world war. One wonders when US war planners and politicians will wake up to this blatantly obvious danger.
Russia has also developed new cruise missiles specifically designed to destroy US carriers. The third link below (from the World Tribune website) reports that Russia has developed a new “sizzler” missile with advanced, supersonic capabilities. The missile has also been shared with China so both nations now have that new cruise missile to begin a new war by attacking all US carriers with the sizzler missile as well as the other new cruise missiles in the Russian-Chinese inventory.  Emphasizing the severity of the new threat is a comment by Admiral Keating, head of the US Pacific Fleet. Admiral Keating states that “we are currently not as capable of defending against that missile as I would like.” This all but admits that US carriers are now “sitting ducks” in the event the new Russian sizzler missiles are fired by the Russian or Chinese navies at US carriers. The fourth link below graphically makes the case that the US Navy cannot defend its carriers from the Russian sizzler missiles (which fly at three times the speed of sound). You owe it to yourself to read this link as it indicates the Russian-Chinese alliance may be able to sink the US carriers right now if a war started [If you care about US security, you ought to forward this link to your Congressmen and ask if they are going to do something to protect US carrier fleets!]. This links notes the US Navy has had “six years of warnings” but has done nothing to deploy a new system to defend its carriers against this new Russian missile. Even worse is the report that this supersonic, carrier-killing missile may be sold to the Iranians. In Iranian hands, the new sizzler missiles might be able to sink every US naval ship in the Persian Gulf within minutes.
If the US Navy truly has no defense against this new Russian cruise missile, the US better withdraw all its naval ships form the Persian Gulf and the region around Taiwan until it has an adequate defensive system. Unless the US starts taking its own defenses seriously, the US superpower era is drawing to an end. Media reports periodically discuss a possible strike by the USA and/or Israel against Iran. If such an attack occurs, all Iranian cruise missile sites better be knocked out in the opening stages of such an attack to insure US Navy ships in the Persian Gulf can survive. If US navy carriers are sunk (with massive loss of lives) by sizzler missiles in a new regional war (in either the Persian Gulf or near Taiwan) and the American people realize that President Bush and the US Congress did nothing for six years to defend US ships against this new Russian missile, one can see that impeachment proceedings and recall petitions would likely be demanded by an outraged Us population.
If the sizzler missile can be launched from Russian bombers, then those Russian bombers buzzing US carriers are already practicing to launch them at US carriers in the opening round of a new world war. Unless the USA has already decided to lose the next world war, it better start waking up to the new threats being posed by Russia and China. Maybe the US war-planners ought to forget about bombing trucks of Taliban supporters in the Afghan mountains and start worrying about making our US carrier battle fleets survivable in the next war!
What is the West doing to protect itself? The USA continues to bleed itself white in the unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even as it forgets that it needs to develop a means (like yesterday!) to protect its aircraft carriers. Are there any adults running the US defense department these days? Is Congress even aware that the US is falling behind our enemies in military capabilities? At least the French are doing something! The fifth link below reports that French President Sarkozy has announced that the French will cut their nuclear arsenal by one-third, leaving France with fewer than 300 nukes. This clearly shows the western nations are in severe denial about their growing vulnerability. The sixth link below also notes that the Israelis are becoming more vulnerable to a long-range, cruise missile attack from Iran.
The geopolitical/military situation for the western world is steadily worsening. The apparent inability of the US to defend its carriers against new Russian and missiles and the spineless US response to Russian bombers buzzing US aircraft carriers can only embolden Russian and Chinese war planners into thinking that the USA and the western world is ripe for conquest. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that a Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack against the USA and the western world is both certain and unavoidable. Russia, China and Iran are rapidly preparing the ability to launch such a war against the USA and the west, so it is evident hat the end of this age is drawing nigh. Most Christians falsely assume that Ezekiel 38 prophesies that the Russian-led alliance will attack the Jewish state called “Israel” in the Mideast while Americans get to munch popcorn and watch Armageddon on cable TV. Wrong! When the Bible makes prophesies about the Israeli/Jewish state, it uses the term “Judah” (see Zechariah 14, Zephaniah 2 and other prophesies). When it refers to the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel, it uses the term “Israel” or “house of Israel” (both terms are found in Ezekiel 38-39, but Judah isn’t even mentioned in this prophecy). Ezekiel 38-39 is a prophecy about the Russian-Chinese-Iranian attack which will be launched against the USA and the NATO nations (which are led by the modern ten tribes of Israel). Those who have read my books know that it is easy to prove that the USA and the western democracies are the modern ten tribes of Israel (which were prophesied in Hosea 1:10 to grow vastly larger after they went into exile in ancient times). If you have any doubt on this matter, I invite you to read the books and see the evidence for yourself. I also invite you to read my article “What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III,” available for free at this website. You can know what IS going to happen to you and your nation in the future. If you choose to fail to inform yourself, don’t say later that you weren’t warned.,3566,340225,00.html