March 30, 2009
Steve Collins
Russia is continuing its renewed Cold War behavior, but few Americans are being allowed to know about it. The first link below reports that Russian warplanes have been repeatedly buzzing US naval vessels in international waters. The link reports that one Russian plane came within 500 feet of the USS John C. Stennis while two other Russian warplanes came within 2000 feet of the USS Blue Ridge. The link includes various blog comments, but if you scroll down, you will see photographs of these encounters between Russian warplanes and US naval ships. One photograph shows an Iranian plane buzzing a US naval ship. While many of these photos are apparently very recent, the final photo is quite a number of years old as it shows US F-4 Phantom warplanes shadowing a Russian warplane (the F-4s were retired from service years ago).
The second link describes Russia’s plan to upgrade its aging military equipment with a major weapons modernization program. Earlier blogs have discussed the rapid militarization of China’s armed forces with modern sophisticated weaponry as well as the Iranian militarization program which features pending nuclear weapons, new cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and state-of-the-art Russian air defense weapons systems. The Gog-Magog nations are preparing for a future war. What is the US military preparing for in its plans? The US military, under President Obama, is preparing to fight…global warming.
US News and World Report’s print version magazine had an article entitled “Green is More Than the Color of Camo” in its April, 2009 issue on the “Green Economy.” I couldn’t locate the article at its website so I’ll have to describe the article’s content. The article focuses on the efforts to get the US military to “go green.” One cited concern is the fact that the Abrams M-1 tank doesn’t get very good gas mileage, and future army vehicles will try to “cut the Army’s dependence on fossil fuels.”  Great.  Will the horse cavalry is returning to service? [Sorry for the cynicism.] The article adds that the US military in its efforts to fight global warming will be obtaining 4,000 little electric “put-puts” for base security forces to use. The third link shows what they will look like. These electric “put puts” ought to scare the hell out of the Russians, don’t you think? The US Navy has also had problems with fleet maneuvers lately. A US warship went aground in the Pacific region not long ago and two US naval ships (including a nuclear submarine) recently collided with each other in the Persian Gulf region (see fourth link). Don’t they teach basic fleet maneuvers at the Naval Academy any more? You likely saw the earlier blog at this website of a US F-15 falling apart in the sky due to the aging of its components. The fifth link reports that the new American fighter, the F-22, is essential to enable the US to be able to penetrate the air defenses of Iran when it is fully upgraded with the newest Russian air defense systems (one assumes that they would be needed now to penetrate Russian air defense systems wherever they are already installed around the world). The F-15s, F-16s and F/A-18s, current American warplanes, will not be able to penetrate this Russian air defense system as they are older designs. What is the Obama administration planning to do? Various media articles have indicated Obama intends to cancel further production and deployment of the F-22, America’s modern fighter plane (which is already in production). A story on that likelihood is in the final link below.
Things do not look good for the future of the US military under Obama. Ezekiel 38:11 prophesies that the latter-day nations of the ten tribes of Israel will become like a “land of unwalled villages” which can easily be attacked and sacked by an invading army. In ancient terminology, a city “without walls” was one which had neglected its defenses because a strong city wall was the main line of defense for any ancient city. Ezekiel 38 indicates that the Gog-Magog nations of Russia, China, Iran, etc. will come to the conclusion that the latter-day nations of the tribes of “Israel” will be so disarmed that they are ripe for conquest. It looks like this prophecy is heading for fulfillment.