Steven Collins

July 4, 2008


It seems appropriate to blog about a military topic on a day when the USA is observing our Independence Day celebration. On a day like this, we realize that a primary reason that we still enjoy our independence and freedoms is our having a strong military. My flag is flying today. I hope yours is too if you are an American.


Russian military aggressiveness is still growing stronger. The first link below notes that Russia is repeatedly sending its heavy bombers so close to US airspace over Alaska that it is “reminiscent of Cold War incursions designed to rattle US air defenses.” There have also been reports of Russian bombers approaching US coasts in the lower 48 states, but that information is not in the link below. One retired USAF General called the increasingly-frequent Russian bomber incursions “far more sophisticated than anything we have seen before.” US fighter jets are routinely scrambled to intercept the Russian bombers coming “over the pole” out of the north toward Alaskan airspace, and a current USAF General is cited as saying “This is the route US or Russian bombers would travel to bomb each other’s country.” This return to Cold War tactics is a vital concern for US security, but the American public largely remains asleep to this threat because the media mostly hides resurgent Russian (and Chinese) militarism from the American public.


The report indicates that it is common knowledge that a Russian attack on the USA would come primarily “out of the north.” A Bible prophecy said the same thing over 2500 years ago. Ezekiel 38 prophesied that when the nations of the modern western world (the house of Israel and its allies) are attacked in the latter days by Russia and its allies, that the attack upon the western world would primarily come “out of the north” (Ezekiel 38:15). Verse 16 adds that attack will come “as a cloud to cover the land.” This further reveals that this Russian attack in the latter days would come via the air (remember that Ezekiel’s prophecy was written at a time when air travel was not only unheard of but unthinkable so this prophecy had to be inspired by a Divine God who knew aerial military craft would be available in “the latter days.” We live in those latter days when military forces travel through the atmosphere where the “clouds” are located. The link also reports that when the Russian bombers are on “…training  missions, we allow them to continue their jobs.” Ezekiel 38’s prophecy indicates that at some time in the future those training flights will actual be invasion flights, but the USAF will not realize it. Lulled into passivity by routine Russian bomber flights right up to US airspace, the USAF will be “caught with its pants down” when the Russian planes actually come in attack modes disguised as “routine training flights.” The Russian bombers are old, but even such old platforms could be carrying state-of-the-art, anti-aircraft missiles which will shoot the escorting US fighters out of sky in an eye-blink before the Russian bombers turn southward to attack the USA (likely dropping “electro-magnetic pulse” warheads to blind and scramble all North American electronic systems as “step one” in the surprise attack).  Oh yes, Ezekiel 38:10-13 reveals that this Russian-led attack will be a complete surprise and will be joined by China, Iran, and other nations.


The Russian bombers are gathering intelligence for this future attack which Bible prophecy says is inevitable. The Russians can see how many fighters the US scrambles to intercept their bombers, what kinds of weaponry they carry, what tactics and approach vectors they use, etc. The very fact that so many “training missions” of heavy Russian bombers flying right up to US territory are occurring is also surely designed to dupe the US defenders into thinking all future missions will be “training missions.” The more often they occur, the more US defenders will come to accept them as “normal.”


What about military situations in the western nations? A previous blog cited a report that large portions of France’s military equipment is inoperable, and that the French will be downsizing their military yet again since… the “end of the Cold War.” The second link below adds that British nuclear missiles may have a design flaw which could cause them to blow up accidentally. That sounds like a problem in dire need of attention, wouldn’t you agree? Since the “end of the Cold War” (that phrase sounds like a meaningless mantra given the fact that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has restored Cold War military actions and threats against the Western nations), the USA has withdrawn many of its tactical nuclear weapons from NATO nations. The third link below states that “around 20” US nuclear warheads are still being stored in Germany and a few more nukes are stored in other NATO nations. German war-planners are hoping those nukes will stay on European soil as they at least provide some deterrent to a Russian invasion in the future. German warplanes still fly “Cold War” practice missions in case those nukes would have to be dropped by NATO planes in a “hot war” in the future. Ezekiel 38 assures us that just such a “hot war” is coming, but no one in the western nations pays any attention to Bible prophecy any more because they have all been duped by evolutionary fables into thinking there is no God and the Bible is unscientific. [Those who wish some hard evidence that the Bible is actually in complete harmony with scientific discoveries about the age of the earth and events in its prehistory are encouraged to read the article available at this website entitled “Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old?”).  The link also notes that both of the US Presidential contenders, Barack Obama and John McCain, are eager to eliminate all US tactical nuclear weapons in Europe (leaving Europe even more defenseless than it already is). Why would either Obama or McCain want to eliminate tactical nuclear weapons in Europe at a time when Russia is steadily becoming more bellicose, is reinstituting Cold War actions and is rebuilding its military forces in a new strategic alliance with China and Iran?


What about the USA?


The second link below reminds us that the US military is being ground down by the overdeployments of US soldiers and military equipment to the seemingly-endless Iraqi and Afghan wars. It cites the need for “more than $100 billion dollars to repair and replace worn out or destroyed equipment, vehicles and weapons.” Keeping US forces in a state of being ground down in endless wars and deployed far from their homeland is a Russian war-planner’s delight. These wars insure that the US continues to steadily wear out and weaken its already reduced military forces and keep them deployed far from home (where Ezekiel 38 prophesies that the main attack will actually come someday).


The USA is now thinking of attacking Iran and starting a third war in South-Central Asia. The US military is exhausted fighting two wars and there are no reserve troops to send to any third war. Also, the US Treasury is effectively broke, so there is nothing in the treasury to fight another war. There is no guarantee that a US (or Israeli) strike vs. Iran could be limited to the small event the USA would like. Iran could reply with all-out strikes against the oil facilities all over the Mideast that supply oil to western economies. They could send their ground forces to openly attack US ground forces in Afghanistan and Iraq (under a Russian shield to keep the US from responding with any nuclear weaponry). Such a war may be a quick, surgical success, or it could be a disaster which topples the western economies and so weakens the USA’s ground forces that they reach the breaking point. Russia and China may actually want a US/Israeli strike so they can test some of their own new weaponry against the USA and Israel under the guise of pretending that Iran is “defending itself.”  Time will tell, but watch that region of the world carefully. The only sure result of any American or Israeli attack vs. Iran is that it would drive Iran further into the grasp of the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon (making the prophesied alliance of these nations in Ezekiel 38:2-6 even more firmly aligned with Bible prophesy).