Steven Collins
October 3, 2008
Another sign of the decline of the USA is in the decline of its manned space program. As readers know, the USA, Russia and other nations have cooperated in the building and manning of the International Space Station. As this blog is written, China is celebrating the space-walk of its astronauts on their manned flight and Russia’s space program is still functional. However, the USA is in a major predicament.
The economic system of the USA is falling apart so such grandiose proposals as “returning to the moon”‘ or “a manned mission to Mars” are now pipe-dreams. What is much worse though, is that the US plans to ground its aging space shuttle fleet in 2010, and no new American space-vehicle is planned until 2015 (and that was before the economy took a nosedive).  The link below details this fact and also notes that there will be “a five-year gap where the US is dependent on the Russians for a ride to the international space station.” In other words, the USA will be at the tender mercies of Vladimir Putin, who is eager for vengeance upon America after the way Russia was treated after the fall of the USSR. Since Russia and China are strategic allies and China is rapidly increasing its space capacities, the international space station may become Russian-Chinese territory soon after the US space shuttles are grounded.
To guard its interest in the space station, the USA may have to extend the life of the space shuttles. However, the US economy is slowly unraveling so it may be unable to fund them much longer. In that case, Russia and China may simply inherit ownership of the space station by default and militarize it for their use in the prophesied Gog-Magog war against the USA and the western world (Ezekiel 38).  Indeed, given the “deadbeat debtor” status of the US government on the world scene, Russia and China may “foreclose” on the space station as collateral for failed US loans that can no longer be repaid to foreign governments like China. The USA has lived far beyond its means for decades, and the bills are coming due. It will be a most unpleasant time for America in the years ahead as creditor nations impose solutions upon the USA that Congress would never approve. However, now that the Congress had passed the Wall Street Bailout Bill, Sec. Paulson will essentially serve as the Receiver for the impending US national bankruptcy.
Foreign creditors will now be able to “sell” the USA’s own bad debts back to the US Treasury and the US taxpayers will be given the shaft for Wall Street’s sins. Congress will now have steadily less authority in running the nation as they have ceded it to Sec. Paulson. The creditors all demand to be paid, and the buzzards are circling the dying carcass that used to be the US economy. I wish I had better news, but that is the real state of things in the nation today. My blogs have often noted that America has locked God’s financial law in Proverbs 22:7 that “borrowers are servants to lenders.”  Americans will learn the awful penalties for violating that Divine financial law in the years ahead.