The link below from The Washington Times reports that Russia is poised to take over a controlling interest in a major American uranium mine in Wyoming. The Russian company already owns 23.1 percent of the stock and is moving to obtain a majority (and controlling) interest in the stock of the North American company that operates the mine. The Russian company seeking a controlling interest is “a subsidiary of the Russian government agency, Rosatom…” so if this deal goes through, the Russian government will control a hefty percentage of America’s uranium production.

I smell a rat here. Because Russia has ample energy resources already it doesn’t need nuclear energy for domestic electric production. Also, the new SALT treaty limits call for fewer nuclear weapons for both the USA and Russia so, theoretically, Russia doesn’t need uranium for weapons either. What is the goal of the Russian government’s effort to control approximately “20 percent of the US national uranium extraction capability.”  The question is raised in the link whether uranium from this American mine could be shipped to Iran by its prospective Russian owners to fuel the Iranian nuclear program. This possibility is denied by an “official” source (doesn’t that comfort you!), but now that Venezuela will be obtaining a nuclear reactor from Russia (see my previous blog post), could this American uranium mine fuel the reactor of Venezuela, another enemy of America?

Several lawmakers are objecting to allowing Russia to control so much of a key strategic material mine within the USA. Their objections are so obviously appropriate that it speaks volumes about the laxity of the US Congress that only four lawmakers are objecting to this deal.

The USA has broken the Divinely-ordained and inexorable law in Proverbs 22:7 against excessive debt for so long that it is losing control of its own borders, its own resources and even its own destiny. Reckless debt burdens are allowing other nations (who are the “lenders”) to have more influence over American domestic and foreign policy decisions. A previous blog post reported that Chinese interests are buying more and more US assets within the USA so why not Russia as well? Of course, Russia and China are leaders of the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance (Ezekiel 38-39) which will eventually attack the USA and its allies at the very end of this age. The more American assets are bought up by Russia and China, the more Russians and Chinese will be present in the USA in preparation for that eventual attack. I’m sure Russia and China are well-aware that buying up American assets is a way for them to bring their agents into America for future missions. It seems that America’s leaders are clueless about his danger.

Many polls have confirmed that a huge majority of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. Are they ever right! Indeed, so many bizarre decisions are either made (or allowed) in Washington, DC that one wonders if anyone with a pro-American, adult perspective is anywhere near the helm of the American ship-of-state.