As you read media stories about the G-20 conference in Brisbane, Australia, you will likely not hear or read about one of its more important aspects. G-20 meetings are full of photo-ops for world leaders, but something happened this year that has riveted their attention on something–even if the media downplays it so people don’t panic.

Russia sent a flotilla of four warships to shadow the Australian coastal region northeast of Brisbane, and this fleet’s arrival was timed perfectly to coincide with the G-20 meeting. I don’t think this timing of Russian military muscle showing up on the G-20’s maritime doorstep is coincidental. According to the first link, the Australian navy has sent three warships to shadow the Russian warships during the G-20 conference. It would appear that “gunboat diplomacy” is back in style.

I don’t think Australia is in any immediate danger, but Russia has a purpose in sending this military message to the G-20 summit. My guess is that Russia is signaling to the G-20 nations that it may openly take military action in the Ukraine to support pro-Russian populations in Ukraine’s eastern provinces. Indeed, this may already be happening. The second link and third link report that Russian tanks, artillery and troops are openly entering eastern Ukraine to support pro-Russian rebels located there. If Russia is openly doing so, Russia is considerably raising the stakes in militarily confronting not only the Ukraine, but the West in general.

On a cable TV program, I heard a retired US general note that much of Russia’s military hardware (such as aging Russian strategic bombers that are staging simulated attack missions vs. the USA, NATO nations, etc.) is old. He is correct, but Putin is demonstrating that Russia is willing to use its weaponry to accomplish its national goals. Having weaponry and having the willingness to use them to maximum effect are two very different things. Russia may also be signaling to the G-20 nations (especially the European nations) that Russia is willing to use a trump “weapon” soon against them if they don’t discontinue their sanctions vs. Russia re: the Ukrainian crisis. Russia has a “weapon” to use against them that is growing stronger by the month. That “weapon” is the Russian supplies of energy to European nations that heats Europeans’ homes and fires their industry all winter long. If Russia cuts off those energy supplies to Europe, I think Europe will “cave” very quickly and the USA will be almost alone in imposing any sanctions against Russia.

Putin has been pushing Obama and NATO for some time to see where their “red lines” are in the Ukrainian crisis. So far, he has encountered no military red lines at all. This has emboldened Putin and Russia to take more aggressive measures in the Ukraine. Putin has already seized the Crimean portion of the Ukraine. I think the Russian bear is hungry for more Ukrainian territory.

The fourth link is a report that Russia has developed a new weapons system which can suppress the AEGIS defense system of a US warship. If it is true, it would radically alter the balance of power in favor of Russia. If this really happened, the incident is being covered up. Given that false reports are possible, I went to to see if that site indicated that the report was false. Snopes did not indicate the report was false. Their website simply had no information about this topic (fifth link). There is a technical precedent which could support the link which says this incident happened. To suppress the electronic warfare systems of a US warship, the Russian bomber that buzzed it would have had to deploy some kind of targeted, mini-EMP burst aimed at the US warship to have such a effect. There are reports that Russia did use mini-EMP weaponry in its campaign to defeat the Chechnyan rebels years ago. I did a web search to locate information for readers on this subject, and have enclosed the last link for your review of such reports. I was surprised to see that my post in 2012 was the leading item on the web search.

Russia is getting steadily more aggressive militarily. So is China. So is Iran as it works to finish its nuclear weapons program. The “Gog-Magog” alliance foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 is steadily becoming more cohesive and aggressive. That is exactly what one would expect to happen as biblical prophecies are fulfilled in our latter day period of prophetic time. For additional reading on these topics, I urge new readers to review my articles, What Ezekiel 38-39 Foretells about a Future World War III, and Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? You will discover that the Bible is not an out-of-date book. It is actually the best source of accurate information about what is transpiring in our modern world…and what will happen in the future.