The link below reports that Russia has made and is already marketing a new cruise missile system which can be “concealed in freight containers,” and which can be fired from such containers on either land or sea. These cruise missiles come in “four-packs” which would be very hard to detect until the freight container they were in actually opened up and fired the cruise missiles.

The link further reports that Russia is already marketing a version of this new missile system which can be fired quickly from a truck hauling the type of freight containers which are commonly hauled everywhere by ships, railroads and trucks. The link includes a photograph of a truck equipped with this “fold-out” cruise missile package. How soon will this new Russian system fall into the hands of terrorists or governments eager to sell them to terrorists who will attack American, Israeli or western targets?

This new system could especially be used against US aircraft carriers, according to this report. The cruise missiles could be placed on innocuous trucks or railroad cars being driven to a port where a US aircraft carrier is stationed or making a port-of-call. Reportedly, this new missile system has a 400 mile range. This means that as this weapons system is bought and proliferated around the world, any truck or railroad car within 400 miles of an intended target could potentially be used as a weapons platform. If an aircraft carrier were at sea, a container ship hauling containers hiding this missile system could be used as a weapons platform to fire cruise missiles at US aircraft carriers (or any target on land). Such an attack could come as a total surprise to targeted US ships which would not expect an attack because no enemy warship was anywhere in range. Russia is reportedly marketing these new missiles to “anyone under threat of military action from the United States.” According to this report, these concealed cruise missiles could even be placed on fishing vessels. This means that the readiness level of all potential US, Israeli or Western targets will have to be raised to a constant, higher alert stage.

Think of how such a weapons system could be used against any number of targets. Any merchant ship approaching Washington, DC, New York, London, Haifa, etc. could be used to fire “four-packs” of cruise missiles at those (or any other city). Any land target could be attacked by this concealable cruise missile system as well. For example, if the range of this cruise missile system really is 400 miles, one could draw a circle with a 400 mile radius in all directions from Dimona, Israel (the Israeli nuclear reactor site). According to my rough calculations, a truck with this concealed missile system could fire its cruise missiles at Dimona from many highways within Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Egypt. The Taliban would love to have some of these concealable cruise missiles on trucks to fire at US airfields, installations, etc. in Afghanistan.

The link reports that Russia is openly selling these concealable cruise missiles on the world market. What is not known is how many of these cruise missile systems have already been secretly transferred to Syria, Iran, China, the Taliban, North Korea or anyone else who wants to use them against the USA or any of its allies. The weapons could be used by Shiite Iran to fire at many critical targets in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and other Sunni Arab nations.

Whenever the Gog-Magog attack by Russia, China, Iran and their allies takes place against the USA, NATO and their allies (see Ezekiel 38) occurs in the future, expect to see a very large number of these cruise missiles to be fired from trucks, merchants ships, railroad trains and even warehouses where such shipping containers are routinely found. The Russian-led Gog-Magog alliance is preparing very intentionally and expeditiously to win the next world war. The people of the western world are largely clueless to the growing dangers they will be facing in the near future. New readers at this website are urged to read my article What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III [PDF] to gain an understanding of the applicability of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy to our modern world.