Steven Collins

August 17, 2007


FOX News reported today that Russian President Vladimir Putin is resuming a Russian Air Force practice suspended since the end of the Cold War. President Putin announced that the Russian long-range bomber force will begin making “regular” long-range training missions to simulate distant strategic bomber missions against other nations. 


Russia conducted a major war games exercise in which “20 Russian bombers” were involved in “missions ranging far over the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans.” Once a common exercise in Cold War times, resuming such long-range strategic bombing exercises signals that the icy relations between the USA and the Russia are getting worse. It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to notice that the recent deployments of the Russian bombers surrounded North America on three sides. This indicates which nation the Russian bombers are targeting in their practice runs. 


This development is further strong evidence that modern geopolitical events indicate that the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 (about Russia, China, and Iran leading an anti-Western alliance in the latter days) is being prepared for a complete fulfillment in a future year. It leaves no doubt that there is a Divine Hand controlling the destinies of modern nations.,3566,293588,00.html