March 19, 2009
Steve Collins
A curious countertrend is developing. As America’s rivals expand their military forces, the USA is depleting its military forces and is preparing for major cuts in its military forces. This is a dangerous trend, but it fits the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39.
The first link below (from the BBC) reports that Russia is embarking on a major expansion of its military forces. The second link adds that Russia will deploy a new generation of nuclear-capable, multiple-warhead missiles in December as soon as the START-1 Treaty with the USA expires. To be able to do that, it is obvious that Russia has been developing and manufacturing this new missile system while the START-1 arms limitation treaty was in effect.
It is well-documented that China is rapidly developing and deploying many new submarines and other warships, many kinds of cruise missiles and many other types of weaponry. China is preparing for war. Iran is rapidly developing its missiles forces, its anti-aircraft defenses, and naval craft with which it believes it can seal the Straits of Hormuz in any future war with Israel, the USA or the West. Iran has openly declared its intention to “wipe Israel off the map” and it will soon become a nuclear power. Iran is preparing for war.
Meanwhile, the new Obama administration is about to dramatically cut the US weapons budget. The third link reports that Obama’s Defense Secretary Gates (a Bush hold-over) is about to implement “big cuts in weapons.” The sophisticated new US warplane, the F-22, is reportedly on Obama’s chopping block as is a new destroyer for the Navy, ground-combat vehicles for the army, etc. Sec. Gates is expected to soon announce the elimination of “a half-dozen major weapons [systems].” At the same time, the US will continue to wear out its aging weaponry at an accelerated rate due to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraqi war appears to be winding down, but Obama has declared his intention to send many more troops (and their military equipment) to Afghanistan to ramp up a Central Asian War in a medieval wasteland which seems to serve no strategic US purpose. Many US weapons systems are aging and the US military needs new weaponry to replace old equipment. I’m all for streamlining the weapons procurement process, cutting overhead where the Pentagon can, etc. but the military has to have weaponry to replace the very large numbers of military platforms which have been destroyed, disabled or simply worn out in years of continual fighting. As an example of how old and obsolescent some US weapons systems have become, take a look at the video animation in the fourth link of what happened to an American F-15 (the main USAF fighter aircraft) as it fell apart while flying in simple straight and level flight. This plane disintegrated unexpectedly and the entire F-15 fleet had to be grounded to repair the corrosions that made one of our front-line fighters fall apart in midair. The F-15 dates back to the Cold War days and it is an aging model, but this is what will be defending the USA for some time as Obama wants to cancel the F-22 fighter program.
The third link reports on Sec. Gates’ views that the USA is so strong it can safely reduce its military power. A principal reason for believing it is safe to reduce military weapons programs is that Sec. Gates sees dangers from terrorism but little threat from “aggressor states.” He has obviously not read, understood or believed Bible prophecy. Ezekiel 38-39 warn that in the latter days of this age, Russia, China, Iran and many other nations will form a large alliance of “aggressor states” which will attack the USA, NATO and their allies as they launch a World War III for global supremacy. Ezekiel 38:15 prophesies the attack will mostly come from the north against a land which has neglected its defenses (verse 11). Ezekiel 38:8, 12 indicates it will be a “melting pot” nation which is attacked and verse 12 adds it is a rich nation with many assets worth seizing. Joel 2 is a parallel prophecy to Ezekiel 38 as both discuss an attack from the north against the land/people of “Israel” in the latter days. Joel 2:20 also foretells it will be a northern army which attacks Israel at the end of our age (verse 27), and verse 20 indicates “Israel” will be a land between large seas (or oceans) on its east and west sides. This means the small Jewish state in the Mideast can’t be the nation addressed in this prophecy. Does the phrase “from sea to shining sea” remind you of any modern nation? It should. For more on the identity of the target of this “Gog-Magog” attack, I invite you to read “The USA in Prophecy” which is available at the link at the home page of this website.
Sec. Gates has a far too limited perspective when he thinks of future threats for the USA. God’s Word prophesies that our nation should be preparing for an all-out attack from the combined forces of Russia, China, Iran and all their allies which will be launched at a future time when we least expect it. America’s leaders in the past read and sought guidance from the Bible, but the leaders and decision-makers in Washington, DC no longer read or care about the Bible any longer. Their heads are in the sand. When this future attack occurs, they will wish they had paid attention to the Creator’s warning.