Steven Collins
August 27, 2007
A just-released column by J.R. Nyquist should be an alarming “wake-up” call to the Western world and its leaders. It is entitled: “Russia’s Undeniable War Preparations” (see link below for full article). Coming soon after my posting on the Chinese offer (or “ultimatum”) to split the Pacific Ocean with the USA, Mr. Nyquist’s column serves as the second part of a “one-two” punch which confirms the obviously warlike intentions of Russia and China toward the USA and the Western world.
Mr. Nyquist notes that in spite of the supposed weakness of Russia in the post-USSR period, Russia has been “…refurbishing huge nuclear war bunkers and building underground cities. The only purpose such bunkers and cities could serve is in relation to a future nuclear war.” This makes sense. Having huge underground cities and war facilities would give Russia a major advantage (and motive) to start a nuclear war against the USA. Mr. Nyquist adds that in recent years, “Russia…was not admitting to all the nuclear warheads it possessed, and was not reliably disposing of them. It was developing new, deadly, biological and chemical weapons.” His article also notes that the Russians have made a strategic alliance with China and have been supplying China with “technology and weapons” for years. As I’ve also noted in my previous blogs at this site, Russia and China are conducting joint military exercises to enable their nations’ military forces to act together in a time of war, and Russia has reinstituted strategic bombing missions by its air force to prepare their flight crews for combat readiness in future warfare.
A spokesman for the ever-gullible US State Department is quoted as reacting to the hostile actions by Russia and China with a statement that they were “interesting,” but the statement minimized and denied the bellicose nature of Russian actions. Mr. Nyquist’s column decries the head-in-the-sand mentality that now characterizes the modern leaders of the Western world re: the obvious war preparations of Russia and China. This fact has eerie similarities to the pre-World War II period when Neville Chamberlain and other Western leaders made apologies for Hitler and Mussolini’s obvious war preparations. Just as Neville Chamberlain and others of his ilk were in a state of denial re: the imminent war to be launched by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, modern western leaders are equally in denial about the obvious war preparations of Russia and China.
American leaders especially are in denial. They have bad case of “target fixation” on the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are exhausting our army and military forces fighting two wars which have no satisfactory end in sight. They do serve to continually wear out our armed forces and military equipment..which works greatly to the advantage of Russia and China. While Al Queda and Islamic radicals are, indeed, an enemy to be reckoned with, the USA is blinded to the obvious fact of a far greater danger than Al Queda taking shape in world geopolitics. That danger is the new axis of enemies led by Russia, China and Iran. US and western leaders are doing nothing to either warn their populations or militarily ramp up to prepare for this new and much greater danger.
Nyquist’s column also decries the profound blindness of Americans to this growing danger. He characterizes US society as based on a sense of “economic optimism and entertainment” which is “about to be shattered.” He is right. The only questions that matter are: (A) When will the USA and the West wake up to the great danger posed by a new Russian-Chinese-Iranian military axis which hates America and the West, and (B) Will they wake up in time to be able to confront this new axis with a renewed new military strength of their own?
Those who understand biblical prophecy realize that this was all predicted millennia ago to happen in our time. Ezekiel 38 warns of a Russian-led alliance which will be joined by China, Iran and others to attack the USA and the nations of the West in the “latter days” of this age. This prophecy is coming to pass, guided by the very real Divine Hand which the western world (duped by Darwinian fables) denies. The nations of the Western world are led by the modern descendants of the ten tribes of Israel, who were never “Jewish” in ancient times and won’t be “Jewish” now. The Jews are the tribe of Judah and they are recognized as such. The ten tribes were prophesied to be vastly increased in population after they went into exile from the ancient Promised Land (Hosea 1:10). Two of Israel’s tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, were prophesied to eventually become two “brother” peoples in the world, one becoming a single great and prosperous nation and the other tribe to become a grouping of nations (Genesis 48:14-20). The two great Western powers of the 20th century were the British Empire (the grouping of nations) and the USA (the single nation) and these two “brother” peoples have a common culture, language and heritage and have long proclaimed their “special relationship.” These two peoples have dominating the world scene in the 20th century. Why beat around the bush? The USA was founded by the descendants of the Israelite tribe of Manasseh and the British people are the tribe of Ephraim. The evidence supporting this conclusion is abundant and objectively verifiable (see the links at this website to the author’s books on this subject or go to to order on-line). Prove to yourself whether its true or not! You can start by reading the free articles and research reports on the subject at this website. But consider this…
Ezekiel 38 prophesies that the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis will arise in the latter days to attack the nations of all the latter day tribes of “Israel.” That means the main targets of the Russian-led alliance will have to be the nations of Ephraim and Manasseh (the leading tribes of Israel which were promised to be the largest and most-powerful of the tribes of Israel). Who are the main enemies of Russia, China and Iran? Who does Russian leader Putin rail against? Who does China warn to “leave the western Pacific?” Who does Iran call “the Great Satan?” The target of their hate is the USA and the western nations of NATO and their allies–the very nations identified as Israel  by both secular and biblical evidence. The Bible’s prophecies are coming to pass exactly as foretold and right on schedule. However, Ezekiel 38 indicates the attack, when it comes, will surprise the USA and the West. That doesn’t offer much hope that the blinded leaders of the western world will ever wake up.