In another important story ignored by the establishment American media, Russia is creating a firm base for itself in the Western Hemisphere in the nation of Venezuela. The Reuters story below reports that Russia is not only pouring modern weapons into Venezuela, but it is also building weapons plants in that nation. The initial weapons plants will produce automatic weapons and ammunition and they will employ “more than 1,500 workers.” These will not be small weapons plants, and they are already under construction. This is likely just the beginning of what Russia intends to do in Venezuela. Future weapons plants in Venezuela might be building much more potent Russian weaponry.

This link reports that Russia will be selling/providing 53 military helicopters and 92 tanks to Venezuela as well as the same sophisticated S-300 air defense system which Iran has wanted to obtain from Russia to defend its nuclear facilities from American or Israeli attacks by warplanes or cruise missiles. Venezuela has already received 24 fighter jets from Russia as part of an earlier $4 billion weapons purchase. The 53 new military helicopters are in addition to 59 military helicopters provided to Venezuela by Russia in recent years.

If Russia and Venezuela are admitting that this much modern Russian weaponry is now being placed in our hemisphere, one wonders what weaponry is being sent into Venezuela that is not being made public? Russia has missiles which could easily hit the USA from Venezuela if they were smuggled into that nation. Pentagon specialists had better be carefully watching what hidden cargoes are being unloaded in Venezuela’s ports.

I see another possible motive in Russia sending so much Russian weaponry into Venezuela. When the prophesied Gog-Magog invasion of the western nations occurs at the end of our age, it would only be a short thrust from Venezuela across northern Colombia to reach the Panama Canal. Seizing the Panama Canal would give Russia the power to stop the U.S. Navy from using the Canal to send ships back and forth between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Russia could also easily destroy the Panama Canal with a bombing attack by the Russian warplanes now pre-placed in Venezuela. Warplanes taking off from Venezuela would be able to bomb the Panama Canal within mere minutes of leaving their runways. When this attack occurs in some future year, I suspect the warplanes, tanks, etc. now being sent to Venezuela by Russia will be manned not by Venezuelans, but rather by Russians flown into Venezuela just before the attack begins.

Russia clearly has found a new ally in Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Venezuela is now firmly ensconced in the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to include Russia, China, Iran and other nations. While I do not see Venezuela specifically mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1-6, that prophecy allows for unnamed nations to be part of  that alliance as the latter part of verse 6 adds “and many [other] people with you.”

I recall the Cuban missile crisis in 1961 when President Kennedy and the nation were ready to go to war if Russia did not remove a few missiles from Cuba. Now Russia is pouring weaponry into Venezuela and the White House, Congress, the Pentagon and the American media barely even notice! President Obama has just decided to send more war-weary American troops into battle in Afghanistan where they will have no secure line of supply and no secure avenue of retreat when/if the prophesied Gog-Magog war erupts while much of the American army is in Central Asia. If American troops are still in Afghanistan when the Gog-Magog war starts, they will not only unable to help defend the USA, but they will also be located where they can easily be surrounded and attacked by vastly more-numerous Russian and Chinese forces and their allies.

Vladimir Putin and Russia’s leaders must be “thanking their lucky stars” that they are able to make preparations and deployments to implement the prophesied Ezekiel 38 attack against the USA, NATO and their allies while America is led by a President who knows nothing about military matters and seems to be little more than a gullible neophyte when it comes to real-world geopolitics. America is now in unprecedented danger, and we badly need a tough-minded, mature President who understands world geopolitics and military matters. Instead, we have an inexperienced “community organizer” from Chicago in the White House. God help us!