Steven Collins
August 23, 2007
An August 22, 2007 story in the Guardian from the United Kingdom (“Russia steps up military expansion”) cites Russian leader Vladimir Putin as stating he is “determined to make aircraft manufacture a national priority after decades of lagging behind the West.” Putin’s aides hinted that Russia would soon re-start the production line for making TU-160 and TU-95 strategic bombers for use in “strategic defense.” While Russia is not now the largest producer of military aircraft, it wants to assume that role.
There is no doubt that Russia can afford to make many new weapons as it is amassing large revenues from its oil and energy exports (at the expense of the Western nations to whom it exports the oil and gas).  Therefore, it is the Western nations who will be indirectly paying for the new Russian weaponry which will be aimed at (you guessed it!) the Western nations.
The article also noted that this “new emphasis on Russia’s revived military prowess comes against a backdrop of deteriorating relations with the West.” After reviewing the growing list of Russian provocations against the West, it noted the latest Russian attempt at intimidating other nations. It stated a “senior Russian general warned the Czech Republic it would be making a ‘big mistake’ if it permitted the US to use its territory” [for a planned anti-missile system].
Russian weapons systems recently deployed include “…a new S-400 missile and aircraft interceptor system, similar but better than the US Patriot, and a lethal new supersonic cruise missile…” Readers of this blog know that China and Iran are also in the midst of rapid militarization programs.
Russia is stepping into the role prophesied for it in Ezekiel 38. Russia is prophesied to be the leader of an anti-American, anti-Western alliance which will eventually attack the USA and the Western world. Many Christian denominations recognize that Russia will lead the “Gog-Magog” alliance in the latter days, but few Christians realize which modern nations will be targeted by this prophesied attack. Most assume the word “Israel” in Ezekiel 38-39 means the attacked nation will be the small Jewish state in the Mideast. However, the Bible uses the term “Judah” when it refers to the Jews (see Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 12 and 14 as examples), and “Judah” is not mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39. The biblical term “Israel” consistently identifies the nations of the ten tribes of Israel, which were prophesied to become vastly larger nations after they were exiled from the Promised Land circa 721 BC.
To identify the target nations of the Russian-led alliance’s future attack, one must identify the ten tribes of Israel in the modern world. Genesis 49 prophesies the ten tribes of Israel will be present in the latter days as does Jeremiah 30 and Revelation 7 so it is obvious that the ten tribes of Israel did not “die out.” The whereabouts of the ten tribes of Israel among the modern nations is the “missing link” in modern Christian biblical writings about latter day prophecies. Without this identification, no latter day prophecy about “Israel” can be correctly understood or applied to the modern world. For information on proving to yourself where the ten tribes are in the modern world, you are referred to the book links at this website. Once you read the well-documented information in these books, both ancient history and modern geopolitics will come alive to you as never before.,,330611997-103610,00.html