February 26, 2009
Steve Collins

Today’s USA Today reported today that “Iranian and Russian engineers carried out a test run of Iran’s first nuclear power plant” to make sure the facility works as intended. Their article entitled “Russia helps Iran in test run of nuclear facility” was not available at their website, but was in the print edition. The first link below about this same event is from another website.

Russia has provided the materials, funding and nuclear fuel for this Iranian nuclear reactor, and Russian engineers were there when the reactor was tested for the first time. This sensitive project is clearly a Russian-Iranian joint-venture as Iran pursues its nuclear weapons program (which it, of course, denies doing). The second link below reports that Iran boasts of its close military ties with Russia and intends to obtain even more Russian weaponry for the Iranian military. The facts are obvious: Russia and Iran and military-strategic allies working closely against the interests of the USA and the West. As readers of this blog know, this alliance was prophesied approximately 2500 years ago in Ezekiel 38. Many Christian groups understand that the “Gog Magog” alliance will be headed by Russia. Verse 5 prophesies that “Persia” will be a prominent ally of Russia in this end-time alliance, and that prophecy has literally and specifically come to pass (“Persia” being the ancient name for Iran). If Nostradamus had prophesied this alliance in one of his cryptic writings, there would be documentaries about it on the cable-TV programs which are fascinated with his writings. However, since this exquisitely-accurate prophecy is in the Bible, the world pays it no heed. That’s a pity, because the world is blind to obvious evidence that the same Divine and immortal Creator which inspired ancient biblical prophecies is bringing them to pass in today’s modern world. Previous blogs have noted that the other nations named in this prophecy are either already in the Gog-Magog alliance or are headed that way as they tilt away from the West. The evidence is very clear that the God of the Bible is guiding the destinies of modern nations, but those nations don’t realize it…yet. When they do realize it in the future, I expect some nations will deny God’s reality and seek to undo his prophecies for their nations.  Their efforts won’t work. The biblical prophecies will be fulfilled.

Will anyone do anything to stop the presumed use of Iran’s nuclear reactors to make nuclear bombs? The USA seems to have “punted” on the matter. It is the Israelis that Iran threatens to wipe off the map, so they have an obvious existential justification for attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities. Many media articles have speculated on whether the Israelis will attempt such action. The incoming Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is known to be a “hawk” on the matter, so this possibility will have to be watched closely by those who follow world events in a biblical context. Zechariah 12:2-3 strongly infers that “Judah” (the Israelis/Jews) will become isolated from the rest of the world in the latter days. An Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear reactors, though entirely justifiable given Iran’s threats vs. the Israelis, could bring that isolation to pass.