February 8, 2009
Steve Collins

This posting is a follow-up to one recently done on the subject of Russia cutting off US landing rights at an airbase in  Kyrgyzstan. That action cuts off a “secure” aerial supply line to US troops in Afghanistan even as the overland supply line through Pakistan is growing steadily-more unreliable and dangerous. Russia is manipulating the USA in the “Great Game” in Central Asian politics as easily as a chess grand-master toys with a novice in the game of chess. More information on Russia’s agenda is now clear (but US decision-makers cannot or will not see it).

The first link below reports that just after taking action to shut down the US aerial supply route to Afghanistan via Kyrgyzstan, Russia offered the US a ground transportation route to Afghanistan through Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan (all ex-Soviet regions). It is obvious to everyone (except highly-compensated US decision-makers) that Russia is “herding” US troops and war materials into a direction desired by Moscow. Let’s examine the ramifications of this move.

Surely, Russia will continue to stir up anti-American fervor in West Pakistan to make the ground supply route through Pakistan ever-more dangerous for convoys with US supplies. This will make the USA ever-more dependent on the ground supply routes through ex-Soviet territory. As the USA becomes more dependent on Russia’s “good will” to supply American forces in Afghanistan, President Obama will be required to submit to Russian desires and demands in order to keep that supply route to Afghanistan open. Also, Russia will be able to close off that supply route whenever it desires to do so in the future for its maximum advantage. The second link below cites US Admiral Fallon’s realistic assessment that Russia’s “…principal motivation is to reassert Russian influence and get visible US presence out of former Soviet Republics.” At least one high military official sees dangers for the US in Russia’s “offer,” but if the Russian desire is to get US presence out of Central Asia, why is it offering the USA a supply line via Russia and its ex-Soviet vassal states? There are at least two reasons.

The first reason is that it is powerfully in Russia’s interest to continue “bleeding the US white ” both financially and militarily. By allowing the USA a supply line to Afghanistan via a route totally controlled by Russian forces, Russia enables the US to continue its self-destructive war in Afghanistan. The costs of this war (which President Obama wants to rapidly escalate) will hasten the financial collapse of an already-overburdened US Government. It also permits the USA to continue to weaken its army and military. The small US army is worn out from two Asian wars, as many media articles have documented. It needs rest, but President Obama now intends to further wear it out in Afghanistan. It is a telling sign of how exhausted the US military has become that a recent media article noted that the US army is now losing more soldiers to suicide than to enemy actions.

The second reason is that Russia can compel the Obama administration to allow oil and energy prices to go back up to where energy-rich Russia wants them to go. If Obama does not cooperate in this effort, Russia “cuts the cord” and the US forces will have to find their own way out of a hostile Asia. Either the US forces would have to fight their way via western Pakistan to the sea so they could be evacuated “Dunkirk”-style or they would have to be evacuated by the US Air Force in a way which would force the US to leave much of its heavy equipment behind for its enemies to use. There is no good reason for the US to pursue any longer a war in Afghanistan. It makes no sense to waste mega-billions and many lives to pursue a war which cannot accomplish any useful US strategic objective.

Russia also may have a third reason for allowing the US troops to cross its borders and those of its vassal states. Ezekiel 38 prophecies that at the end of this age, Russia and its allies will launch a global military attack upon the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of “Israel.” As readers of my books, articles and blogs know, these nations are easily-proven to be the USA, the British nations, many NATO nations and their allies (see the article “The USA in Bible Prophecy” posted at my home page}. While I do not expect this attack to be launched for several years yet, given current world conditions, none of us has a Divine guarantee re: when this surprise attack will occur. It will happen when God decides to “put the thought” into the Russian-led alliance’s decision-makers (Ezekiel 38:4, 10-11). If the USA has many of its military forces strung out along a tenuous supply line through regions totally controlled by Russia, Russia can attack these US forces in transit and exterminate them with relative ease whenever this final, prophesied war takes place. It will greatly serve Russia’s strategic goals to have a large portion of the US military marooned in Central Asia where it can neither be re-supplied nor used to defend the USA home soil.

The third link below adds ominous information which gives further credence to Ezekiel 38’s prophecy.This AP story correctly notes that Russia is calling the shots in Central Asia. Toward the end of the link, it reports that a new “rapid reaction military force” is being created which will include the military forces of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Russia’s offered “supply route” to Afghanistan would place vulnerable US forces in these nations. This new military alliance will be “part of the [anti-American] Collective Security Treaty Organization.” Russia and many of these nations already are joined to China and Iran in other security alliances. What we are seeing is the prophesied Ezekiel 38 “Gog-Magog” alliance coming together before our eyes. This alliance is prophesied to attack the USA and its allies, but the USA is now gullibly pursuing a course which will make a large chunk of its army dependent on the “good will” of its enemies.

The Russian-led alliance is led by Vladimir Putin, a cagey and effective ex-KGB “grand-master”‘ of world geopolitics who is committed to bringing down the USA. The USA is now led by Barack Obama, a former “community organizer” in the Daley machine in Chicago whose service in the Illinois legislature was most notable for his voting “present” whenever tough decisions had to be made. After only a portion of a single Senate term, Obama finds himself as a “newbie” in the White House who has to confront Vladimir Putin.

Matthew 15:14 records Jesus Christ as making a comment about “the blind leading the blind.” While he was then talking about the contemporary Pharisees of his time, that comment also aptly describes the state of current American foreign policy.