January 9, 2009
Steve Collins

Remember Russia’s anger when NATO tried to extend its membership to include Georgia and the Ukraine? Since then, Russia has invaded Georgia and cut off natural gas supplies to (and through) Georgia to show NATO that Russia will not allow NATO to include the Ukraine and Georgia in its membership list. Russia has now also taken reciprocal action which sends a strong message that Russia can also encroach on NATO’s turf.

The first link below reports on an important story apparently ignored by the American media. Did you know that Russia is now conducting extensive military maneuvers on NATO territory? Russia and NATO member Greece are now conducting extensive joint military maneuvers. As the link below reports, this is no small “symbolic” port-of-call by the Russian military. This is an eight-day, joint military exercise which is taking place within the Greek zone of the Aegean Sea and “within Greece” itself. Indeed, the Russian naval flotilla is led by Russia’s aircraft carrier and “Russian combat aircraft [will] fly in Greek air space.” The article notes that Greece, although it is a NATO member, can now be considered “close to Moscow,” and Greece is now buying Russian military equipment as well.

I think Russia is sending a message that if NATO encroaches into Russia’s “near abroad,” Russia will encroach into NATO territory as well. This is actually a rather warlike gesture on Russia’s part toward NATO. This development shows how weak NATO has actually become. It’s internal cohesiveness would even appear to be in danger.

Greece and Turkey have long been rivals who are both members of NATO. Turkey is so critical in its strategic location astride the Bosporus and Dardanelles (which control Russian naval access to the Mediterranean Sea) that Greece can sometimes feel neglected by NATO vis a vis the attention given to Turkey. However, even Turkey’s status in NATO cannot be taken for granted. The second link below discusses the breach between Turkey and the Israelis that has occurred due to the military conflict in Gaza between the Israelis and Hamas.

Although the Turkish-Israeli breach dies not directly affect NATO, it does affect it indirectly. Turkey’s relations with the USA (the dominant member of NATO) have been strained throughout the USA’s war in Iraq. Turkey refused to directly assist the USA in its Iraqi war, and did not allow its NATO troops to participate in the invasion. Since the USA is historically the chief ally of the Israelis, a Turkish-Israeli breach also chills Turkey’s relations with the USA and NATO. Hopefully, this additional disruption in American-Turkish relations will subside when the Israeli-Hamas war concludes, but current events are showing that NATO needs to strengthen its internal cohesiveness. It is certain that Putin’s Russia will continue to skillfully take advantage of any opportunity which presents itself to weaken NATO.

Ezekiel 38 marches ever onward to fulfillment. The prophesied Russian-Chinese-Iranian alliance led by Gog has already been implemented in global affairs, and the alliance of “Israel” (the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel) is its prophesied target in a global military attack at the end of our age. The alliance of NATO includes many of the nations of the modern house of “Israel,” and that NATO alliance is growing steadily weaker. NATO has a pressing need to strengthen itself militarily. Currently, NATO is looking like a vulnerable entity which is becoming steadily weaker and less able to defend itself. As this trend continues, Russia will eventually see NATO as a target too tempting to pass up. At that point, Ezekiel 38-39 will be literally fulfilled.