February 5, 2009
Steve Collins

[A note to readers of my blogs: Due to a “hard crash” of my computer’s hard-drive in a power outage, I have been unable to post blogs for about a week. My computer’s data was successfully recovered and my computer has had several upgrades installed. Last night, a technician reinstalled everything so I am able to start blogging again! Here is the first blog of many more to come now that I have computer access again.]

As readers of this blog know, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been moving relentlessly to counter the USA on the global chess board to improve the Russian position and weaken America’s strategic position. Russia has just taken another action which will seriously degrade the viability of the USA’s war in Afghanistan. The first link below details that Kyrgyzstan has just notified the USA that it will no longer be able to use of a key airbase in that nation which was vital for sending supplies to US soldiers in Afghanistan.  The announcement came just after Russian President Medvedev visited Kyrgyzstan and met with that nation’s leaders. No doubt, Medvedev delivered a “message” from Vladimir Putin which convinced the Kyrgyzstan leaders that it better do what Russia wanted done.

The loss of this central Asian airbase will severely cripple the US war effort in Afghanistan as a considerable amount of war equipment was flown to Afghanistan by large transport planes ferrying crucial equipment to the US troops stationed there. A previous blog at this site documented that the only other supply route into Afghanistan (a land route via Pakistan and its famous Khyber Pass) is increasingly unreliable due to attacks, sabotage and thefts of US equipment passing through a region of Pakistan dominated by anti-USA Islamic radicals. A previous blog documented that an entire convoy of US supply vehicles and their cargo was wiped out by attacking pro-Taliban forces. That land route via Pakistan is still very tenuous as the second and third links below confirm. Much US equipment (some of it sensitive) is still being stolen along the Pakistani supply route and being redirected to the Taliban, Al Queda and other US enemies. The third link relates that an entire US “radar system” was stolen. Given that the US supply route via Pakistan into Afghanistan is so unreliable, it would appear that the US government is inadvertently one of the largest suppliers of militarily-useful equipment to the Taliban and Al Queda (both of which are feasting off the poorly-guarded convoys passing through Pakistan).

As the USA continues “unauthorized” air strikes into the Taliban-dominate region of Pakistan, this land supply route will grow ever-more unreliable as the Pakistani government has steadily less motivation to care about protecting US convoys into Afghanistan. The US Army is far too small to guard its own convoys so the position of the US troops in Afghanistan is steadily becoming untenable (as I pointed out in previous blogs). Given the near-insolvency of the US Government in the current global fiscal crisis, the Pentagon is likely to have budget cuts which will make the war in Afghanistan economically nonsensical. The USA is wasting lives, blood and war equipment in the Afghan War even though our nation has no treaty obligation to be there and we have no strategic interest there either.

The trend is clear: The USA is being squeezed out of Afghanistan and Central Asia. Russia, China and Iran will dominate this region and its energy resources. This is entirely consistent with Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about the global alliances in the latter days. Ezekiel 38:5 foretells that “Persia” (Iran) and “Ethiopia” (the KJV uses this word but the actual word is “Cush”) will be allied to Russia’s “Gog-Magog” alliance. Some Cushites live today in the Horn of Africa, but many migrated into Asian regions. The “Hindu-Kush” Mountains along the Afghan-Pakistani border attest to the fact that many Cushites live today in the Afghan and Pakistani regions. Ezekiel 38 indicates this Cushite region will be allied to Russia at the end of our age. Russia’s recent action in Kyrgyzstan confirms that Russia is now vigorously acting to assert its dominance in this region. This region is in Russia’s backyard. The USA, hobbled by horrendous debt and barely-functioning supply lines to its troops in Afghanistan, cannot support or fund a war in Afghanistan. This obvious fact has not yet been grasped by US war planners and President Obama. The facts will eventually be too hard to ignore. “President” Karzai of Afghanistan (also known as the “Mayor of Kabul”) better start looking for another “sugar daddy” to protect him when the USA has to leave. It appears he may already be doing so, as the final link below indicates. Karzai can see “the handwriting on the wall.” He is already sending out peace feelers to (guess who?)…Russia!  Ezekiel 38’s prophecy is directing the outcome of modern events because the Divine Creator who authored the prophecy is shaping world events.