Amidst the endless coverage of the George Zimmerman trial and the incessant media post-mortems about it, some notable events are occurring around the world that go unreported in the major American media.
This link reports that Russia and China have held their largest exercise ever in a naval wargame. The exercise was held in the Sea of Japan, which can only be considered a very provocative gesture toward Japan. Japan and China are at odds over claims to a number of Oceanic islands and the rights of passage in the South China Sea, so this exercise only adds fuel to the fire of the Japanese-Chinese rift.
Also worth noting is that the Russian and Chinese armies will soon be holding an 18-day joint wargame exercise in the Ural Mountain region of Russia.
China and Russia are strategic allies. It is only natural that they are practicing joint military actions so their military forces can interact and communicate properly during any future war. All nations conduct such exercises. However, the Russian-Chinese joint military exercises are worth noting as Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy warns that these nations will be key allies in the Gog-Magog alliance that will form in the latter days and attack the nations of “Israel” or “the house of Israel” (39:12, 22-23, 25) at the climax of our “latter day” period of time. As long-time readers of my books and website know, the “house of Israel” in biblical terminology does not refer to the Jews/Israelis (who are referred to as the “house of Judah”.) Few Christians understand this vital fact. Many Christian ministries that are keenly interested in biblical prophecy correctly see that the Gog-Magog alliance is the current one now including Russia, China, Iran, etc., and they also understand that we are living in the prophesied “latter days.” However, so many of them incorrectly assume the target of their attack is the little Israeli nation in the Mideast. Au Contraire! The real target can only be the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel, who were always “Israel” or the “house of Israel” in biblical history or prophecy. Those who have read my books and articles or listened to my free audio messages know that the ten tribes of Israel can easily be located in the modern world. The USA, the British nations and many European nations are the modern ten tribes of Israel. It is easy to prove, and others before me have also made these identifications in earlier historical periods. My books are heavily documented with source quotes from many secular historical sources about the ten tribes of Israel during their migrations to their modern locations. My books even cite a message given to a joint session of the US Congress in 1855 revealing this fact to the American Congress (I’ll bet that is not in your history books). For a particular look at the USA in biblical prophecy, please read my article on this subject.
The simple fact is that the Creator God is moving relentlessly to fulfill his biblical prophecies with perfect accuracy. That a 2500 year-old prophecy is coming to pass so precisely in the modern world cannot be chance. If you have any doubt that we are now living in the biblically-prophesied “latter days,” please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? My books can be ordered easily at the homepage of this website, and an E-book on the subject is also available for downloading. The E-book can also be ordered as an Amazon Kindle book. The amazing truth about the major events of our modern world were written about long ago in many biblical prophecies. What a shame the world is too hoodwinked by evolutionary nonsense to even seriously investigate the Bible’s content. 
When will the prophesied, age-ending attack of the Gog-Magog alliance vs. the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel occur?  We know it will be at the very end of this age as “God’s presence” arrives on the earth in Ezekiel 38:20 during the middle of the prophecy. My writings have estimated that this event will occur soon after the death of the prophesied Two Witnesses (Revelation 11). However, I could be wrong. It could happen earlier. As Russia, China and Iran militarize rapidly and the USA and NATO disarm rapidly, the USA will become a more appealing target as time goes by. Since the USA is now led by a president who knew nothing about military matters when he took office, Russia and China could conceivably wish to make their move during a time when the USA is led by a military novice. Seriously, did Obama ever so much as even fire a BB gun in his life before he took office as Commander-in-Chief of the entire US military forces?