Steven Collins
August 19, 2007
An August 16, 2007 FOX News story stated that “the leaders of Russia, China and Iran said…that Central Asia should be left alone to manage its stability and security.” The story added that “The veiled warning came…on the eve of major war games between Russia and China.”  This warning to the USA was issued from a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Council, a group of Asian nations which has “grown into a bloc defying U.S. interests in the region.”
As a further demonstration of the growing “security partnership” between Russia and China, these nations have also just held major joint military exercises on Russian soil. Involving “some 6,000 Russian and Chinese troops,” it was the second time these nations have held joint military maneuvers (the first joint exercise was on Chinese soil).
The FOX News story noted that while U.S. forces were expelled from Uzbekistan earlier, there is still a small US military facility in Kyrgyzstan. This small U.S. outpost in Central Asia is not likely to remain there long. The military forces of the USA are overworked and overextended around the world. Indeed, if Pakistani President Musharaff falls from office, it is very possible that Pakistan will fall into the radical Islamic orbit. This is a major Western fear as Pakistan is a nuclear power, and a nuclear war would be far more likely if a radical Islamic group governed Pakistan and controlled its nukes. If Pakistan falls into radical Islamic hands, the U.S. position in Afghanistan will become as untenable as its position in Kyrgyzstan..
Some recent media articles have compared the imperial overreach of the Roman Empire to the overextended US forces around the world today. The comparison is an apt one. While previous Presidents commanded a legitimate superpower military, President Clinton cut the USA’s military forces roughly in half. President Bush has not increased the size of the US military so America is, essentially, trying to act as a superpower with an army which is too small by half for the job it has been given. Maybe that is why one hears periodic trial balloons for the restoration of the military draft in the USA. The latest such trial balloon was issued by a senior military advisor to President Bush.
The Russian-Chinese military exercise was covered by at least some of the Western media. The BBC-News aired a lengthy film segment of the Russian and Chinese military forces acting together (I saw it on the local affiliate of PBS-TV). A story today at also addressed this Russian-Chinese military exercise. It noted that the major military exercise marked several major “firsts” in Sino-Russian cooperation, and that “an important part of the drill was the transfer of large military forces across vast distances.”  While the ostensible purpose of the drill was to target terrorists, the observation indicates an altogether different purpose was actually intended. What nation might the Russians and Chinese have in mind in their military games which practiced moving their joint forces “over vast distances?”
Ezekiel 38-39 has already revealed the ultimate target of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian leaders and their allies. The Russian, Chinese, Iranian and other militaries will eventually launch a surprise military attack against the homelands of the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel (called “Israel” or “the house of Israel” in this prophecy). My books, available at the books links at this website, identify these nations as the USA and the Western democracies. It is not my opinion alone. An Israeli author, Yair Davidy, has also made these same connections (his books are available at as have other authors and researchers. 
We do not know how many more years we have before this attack occurs, but world events and other biblical prophecies indicate that it will not take place for at least several years. However, the Russian-Chinese military exercise shows that these nations are already practicing to deploy their military forces to some nation which is a “vast distance” away from Russia and China. Advance preparations for the prophesied Ezekiel 38 attack may already be underway. Indeed, the anti-American Shanghai Cooperation Council may develop into the very alliance prophesied in Ezekiel to be led by Russia, China and Iran.,4670,KyrgyzstanSecuritySummit,00.html