In the link below is a report that Russia is now building a new warplane, the T-50, which will be a rival to the American F-22 fighter aircraft. The T-50 is now being flight-tested, and the new fighter was deemed so important to Russia’s future military abilities that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin himself climbed into its cockpit as he declared it would be better than the USA’s F-22 Raptor warplane.

While we cannot know if Putin’s boast about the T-50 is bluster or an accurate appraisal, it does confirm that Russia is back as a military power and is now starting to build warplanes that can rival America’s best fighter aircraft. The T-50 is only in the test-flight stage at present, and is not expected to enter active service until 2015. China has also recently indicated that its rival to the F-22 warplane will be deployed by 2018 (see second link). The Pentagon had not expected China to have more than a “handful” of its “fifth-generation” warplanes in service by 2025, so this new deployment schedule for China’s top-of-the-line warplane has taken the Pentagon by surprise. The Pentagon should likely not be so surprised. Given the extensive spying efforts by China in recent years (see previous blogs), China has likely stolen all it needs from US military manufacturers to easily build a warplane equivalent to the F-22 by 2018. Indeed, if China is admitting their new warplane will be ready by 2018, I expect that China’s “copy” of the F-22 will likely be deployed prior to 2018.

The USA had not expected Russia or China to produce rival warplanes to the F-22 so soon. It now appears that both nations will have F-22 equivalent warplanes deployed long before what the Pentagon thought possible when the F-22 program was cancelled after building only 187 such warplanes. The first link quotes Vladimir Putin as saying that Russia will build its F-22 “copies” at 1/3rd the cost of an American F-22. That means Russia will be able to build far more such warplanes for an equivalent dollar cost for the US F-22s. Given the acceleration of Russia’s and China’s deployment schedule for warplanes as good as the F-22, the American decision to cancel production of its top warplane now looks foolhardy. By 2018, the combined Russian and Chinese F-22 “copies” may outnumber the American F-22s in service.

This is important because Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that the USA and its western allies will be forced to fight Russia, China, Iran and their allies all at once when these nations launch an unexpected, all-out military attack against the USA, NATO and their allies around the world. The USA and its allies will need all the advanced weaponry they can build when this attack occurs. If you are a new reader at this website, I suggest that you read my articles, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III and The USA in Prophecy, for context. Both these articles are available at the articles link at this website, and the latter article is available at my homepage.

A final thought on this story. Many might assume that since Russia and China may not have F-22 “copies” in sufficient numbers to rival the US Air Force’s F-22s until 2018, that the prophesied “Gog-Magog” attack will not occur until 2018. While I do not set dates for this prophesied event, I would like to point out that Russia, China and Iran need not wait until 2018 to launch this attack. If they feel they can wipe out the USA’s F-22 fleet “on the ground” as part of the surprise attack, then they can launch the attack as soon as they think they can accomplish that goal. After all, how many cruise missiles launched from subs or aircraft are necessary to wipe out America’s F-22’s based abroad? Sabotage can also destroy many F-22s based in the USA. The F-22s can also be negated at any time if Russian and Chinese assassins simply kill the F-22 pilots. I hope that the identities and addresses of America’s F-22 cockpit crews are not public information. If that information is secret but stored in digital formats, then I suspect Russia and China already have that information. Personally, I think that American and western war-planners are far too complacent. When the Ezekiel 38-39 attack comes, Russia and China will start the attack with asymmetric methods designed to negate the USA’s superior weapons systems however possible. They will not fight “fair.”