November 28, 2008
Steve Collins
Readers are surely aware that Russia is seriously upset with the USA. America’s deployment of missiles and support facilities to Poland and the Czech Republic, its push to absorb Georgia and the Ukraine into NATO and America’s policy of driving world oil prices down to hurt the Russian economy (documented in previous posts at this blogsite) are bringing hostile Russian responses. The first blog below details the personal visit by Russian Premier Medvedev to meet with Venezuela Leader Chavez as well as leaders in Cuba, Brazil and Peru. The visit to Venezuela was accompanied by the arrival of Russian warships to Venezuelan ports, as well as Russian-Venezuelan agreements on more arms sales and energy cooperation.
The second link below reports that Russian Leader Medvedev also met with the leaders of Bolivia and Nicaragua, and that the Russians may help develop a new trade bloc of leftist nations in Latin America (obviously, to the detriment of the USA). It also indicates the possibility of Russian nuclear aid to Venezuela. If Venezuela receives a Russian nuclear reactor in the future, it raises the possibility of Venezuela making nuclear weapons, even as Iran is now doing with its Russian-supplied nuclear facilities. Previous blogs have discussed Russia’s intentions to reestablish the former Soviet presence in Cuba by placing military and spying installations in Cuba. Don’t be surprised to see Russian and Chinese oil companies drilling for oil just off American shores within Cuba’s territorial jurisdiction soon. Russia and China may be drilling for oil on the American continental shelf while the US government dithers about doing so.
The Russian message is clear. Because America keeps pushing its military and influence right up to Russian borders, an angry Russia will do the same to the USA in Latin America, which used to be America’s backyard protectorate in the days of the Monroe Doctrine. The Cold War is back again. What is American doing about the Russian penetrations into Latin America?  So far, the answer is nothing much.
The third link (from a Russian website) cites a Russian expectation that the current severe economic crisis in the USA will lead to the disintegration of the USA into several smaller nations, even as the USSR disintegrated into a variety of smaller nations. Lest you think this to be a “crank” prediction, this prediction was also reported and discussed in the American press. The fourth link below is Bloomberg’s story on this subject, and I personally saw it being discussed on the CNN Lou Dobbs cable-TV program. I seriously doubt such a thing will happen. Many readers of this blog realize the USA is mainly identified as the Israelite tribe of Manasseh in biblical prophecy, and nothing in Genesis 48 & 49’s prophecies about the destinies of the tribes in the latter days hints at any such disintegration of the single great nation of Manasseh (Genesis 48:19-20). New readers of this blog can consider the voluminous evidence from biblical and secular sources that the USA is mostly the tribe of Manasseh by listening to the audio messages available at this website about the forgotten, but easily documented, history of the ten tribes of Israel.
Russia may have another surprise for the USA which could prove to be devastating. This blog does not primarily cover economic news, but various biblical prophecies include predictions about global economics in the latter days (see my recent article “Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast Power?). The fifth link below is from a financial analyst that there is considerable downward manipulation of the global commodity markets by US government and Wall Street acting in unison. The global collapse in commodity markets began just after CFR and Trilateral Commission Board Member, Fareed Zakaria, called for a drop in the global oil price (see Newsweek Magazine’s September 1, 2009 column by Zakaria to punish Russia), so there is credence that the global collapse of commodity prices was orchestrated.  Global oil producers such as Russia, the Arabs, Venezuela, etc. are understandably angry about this. The link asserts that this price manipulation is carried out at the US COMEX markets, and that other world nations may soon break free of the COMEX’s actions to suppress commodity prices. The sixth link below indicates that a new global commodity market, free from Wall Street manipulations, may about to open in Dubai with active backing from other nations such as India. That link indicates gold may be the first commodity to be traded on this new commodity exchange with contracts in other commodities to follow soon afterward. I wouldn’t be surprised to see oil traded at any Dubai exchange since it is in located in the Persian Gulf. Other world oil producers, such as Russia and Venezuela, may price and trade their oil shipments at the Dubai exchange instead of western commodity markets. If this new global commodity exchange trades oil, gold, and other commodities in non-US dollar denominated contracts, the influence of Wall Street over global markets could wane quickly.
Stay tuned! Major events loom on the horizon which could have major prophetic significance. Russia and the USA are on  a collision course. Ezekiel 38 prophesies there will be a climactic World War III between these nations and their respective allies at the end of our age, and that it will begin by a military attack by Russia. This website makes no predictions re: what future year will see this event occur. However, the geopolitical trends that will lead to such a war are already beginning to unfold.,2933,457106,00.html,2933,458388,00.html–Gold-Explosion.aspx?langue=en&articleid=346877_Jim_Willie_CB