Steven Collins
November 7, 2007
The links below contain information which further make it evident that Russia and China are the enemies of the United States and the Western world. The “Cold War” is back. However, while Russia and China realize it (and even proclaim it in their hostile words and deeds), the leadership of the USA and the West seem oblivious to this obvious new reality. Perhaps the global elites have not yet realized that their dream of a subservient Russia and China in their “New World Order” has become a nightmare for them. Ezekiel 38 clearly prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and other nations will form an alliance in the latter days which will militarily attack the nations of the Western world. This prophecy is about 2500 years old, so the fact that this exact alliance has come to pass in our time confirms we are living in the latter days when this event will come to pass. I do not know when this prophecy will be fulfilled, but the emphatic nature of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy makes it unmistakably clear that God will bring it to pass on his Divine timetable. No efforts by Western diplomats or elites will stop it from happening in the future.
The first link from the Newsmax website reports that Russian spying in Great Britain has reached Cold War levels. This fact also argues that Russian spying against the USA and other Western nations must also be back to Cold War levels. This confirms that Russian hostility and desire to subvert the West is back to Cold War levels. Readers surely remember Russia is now sending its strategic bombers on their old Cold War missions just off the borders of Western nations. The second link from the BBC website confirms that Russia’s legislative body has voted unanimously to repeal a Cold War treaty that limits Russia’s ability to deploy its military forces right up to NATO’s borders. The “unanimous” vote indicates that the body was doing exactly what Vladimir Putin told it to do. This action further returns Russian-American relations back to the Cold War environment.
The third link from the Newsmax website notes that “The FBI believes that China poses the greatest threat to the US in terms of espionage–and that thousands of ‘front companies’ in America have been set up to aid Chinese spying” according the Maldon Institute, a think tank. You read that right. Thousands of companies in the USA are actually fronts for spying efforts by Communist China. A high-ranking Chinese defector revealed this information along with the fact that stolen secrets from the USA helped to advance China’s space program. The report adds that “Federal officials…in numerous interviews during the past year, say and have said that there are more foreign spies operating in the US than during the Cold War.” [Emphasis added.] So as bad as Russian spying now is, the degree of spying from Communist China appears to be even worse. It does make one wonder why the US government doesn’t “secure the borders” of the USA as a necessary security measure since the need to do so is obviously very pressing.
Check out the links below for yourself. It is abundantly evident that Russian and Communist Chinese actions reveal they are now the enemies of the USA, the UK and the West. The sooner the USA and the West wake up to this fact and start taking appropriate actions, the better! Ronald Reagan would have shifted into high gear in responding to this hostile threat if it were happening in his administration. The current administrations in the Western world have their heads stuck in the sand. Their motto could be “Danger? What danger?” That attitude was also prophesied in Ezekiel 38:1-0-12. At the time that this attack occurs, the targeted nations will be surprised when it happens. I wonder how many years we have left before this prophecy is fulfilled?