There was a short, but very important, mention in a Washington Times column that Russia has already used an EMP weapon in combat, and it has huge implications for all future warfare. Reportedly this use of an EMP weapon occurred during the time Russia was battling Chechen rebels about a decade ago. This link reports that Russia has built small, tactical EMP warheads which can be fired from mortars and aimed at a very specific target. In this case about a decade ago, Russia used EMP warheads fired from mortars to disable electronic cellular phones used by the Chechen rebels (presumably so the Chechens could not detonate IEDs).
This report is very noteworthy. Most EMP warnings have addressed the use of large-scale, strategic EMP weapons that take out electronics over entire chunks of nations and continents (the book, One Second After by William Forstchen, is an excellent read on the strategic use of EMP weapons). The Washington Times article shows that Russia has long ago miniaturized EMP warheads to be used from weapons as small as a mortar. Think of the revolutionary impact this could have on tactical warfare! It means that Russian forces could fire these miniaturized EMP warheads from mortars, artillery pieces, tanks, etc. in a wide variety of tactical usages along a broad battle front. If an enemy’s weaponry is not fully EMP-hardened, it means that Russia could instantly disable an enemy’s electronically-controlled weaponry (warplanes, tanks, APCs, etc.) and easily defeat a foe by disarming their ability to fight back.
Understandably, the report indicates the Pentagon is worried about this, and is taking “steps to harden its computers and electronics against the devastating effects of EMP weapons.” Hopefully, this means the Pentagon is doing this not just at the Pentagon building itself but at all its facilities and in all its weapons systems worldwide. Such an action is critically-necessary if the USA expects its weaponry to function in warfare situations. Terrorists could obtain such small EMP warheads and cause terrible havoc. Think what small, terrorist-fired EMP weapons could do if they were simultaneously detonated over the Wall Street stock exchange and the stock exchanges of other western nations. Would this mean “Bye-Bye” to the entire economy and all financial records held in US exchanges? Critical infrastructures would be devastated if such small EMP warhead were fired over power plants, dams, etc.  All western nations need to take major preventive actions to protect their weaponry and infrastructures from Russia’s miniaturized EMP warheads or they will find their high-tech, electronically-controlled weaponry useless when Russia invades the Western nations, as Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies they will most certainly do when the West has sufficiently weakened itself via foolish disarmament actions or simply neglecting to take their own defenses seriously. The danger of such weaponry in the hands of terrorists shows that critical civilian agencies, public utilities and corporate facilities all need to take such action as well. For a detailed analysis of how the Bible’s prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 will be fulfilled in a future year, please read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals About a Future World War III [PDF]. I most certainly do not predict when this war will occur, but the Bible guarantees it will occur at the very end of the current “latter day” period in which we now live. For a full examination of how the Bible’s “latter day” prophecies are being steadily fulfilled in modern times, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?
I have one last question. Have America’s and NATO’s military planners also developed small-scale, tactical EMP warheads? If not, they have been seriously outsmarted by Russia. In terms of tactical usage, very small, mortar-fired EMP warheads, if fired just ahead of US military convoys on roadways in Iraq and Afghanistan, would have dramatically lessened the dangers posed by IEDs against US soldiers and marines. The fact that such an EMP-related defense was not used implies the USA has neglected to develop such a critically-important piece of tactical weaponry.
I’ll bet you won’t hear about this serious danger from any of the major TV media networks.