Yesterday’s blog post was about the threats posed by new currency wars to the world’s global financial system. Today’s blog follows in that vein. Fox News conducted an extensive interview with Ron Paul (R-TX) in which the interviewer was generally favorable to Rep. Paul’s anti-Fed, anti-bailout attitudes. Rep. Paul warned that the USA is facing a “Soviet style collapse” in its domestic economy due to reckless bailouts, wild debt expansion, etc. Later in the interview, he warned of a “calamity” being inevitable if current policies are continued by the Obama White House and the Bernanke-led Fed. He refers to the Fed’s unprecedented money expansion policies as “counterfeiting” which is debasing the US currency.

Rep. Paul sees the new Tea Party movement in the USA as a sign that people are “waking up” to the dangers being posed by current government policies, and the likely results of the November election on those policies are candidly discussed. Fox News host and contributor, former Judge Napalitano, joins this interview and says “Hallelujah” to Rep. Paul’s suggestion that the Fed be audited and abolished. That this interview and these statements could be aired on a major American News media outlet reveal that there really is an awakening in this nation among its people that the nation is in the process of being devastated by current national governmental and central bank policies.

The You Tube link below is a good follow-up to yesterday’s blog about growing threats to the current global financial system of “Babylon the Great.” Babylon the Great’s elites need secrecy to maintain and implement their “insider” financial schemes that seek global control and domination. The You Tube link below shows the extent to which their secrecy is being rapidly lost. It is likely that the new Congress elected in November will be far less sympathetic to the Wall-Street, big-banker agendas to which recent Congresses have been subservient. Current polls indicate a revolution may occur at the ballot box in a few weeks. Let’s hope so! We’ll soon see.

Ron Paul: U.S. Heading for Soviet-Style Economic Collapse