Good morning Mr.

 I wanted to send along a comment. You have no need to respond unless
you want to. I realize how busy you are. 
  I recently
obtained a copy of Barbarians that you  recommended and found it to be an
excellent book.  It confirmed what I had believed  for a long
time.  I  read some years ago a book titled, Where Troy Once
Stood.  The result was to have  a major paradigm crash. I have always
been a lover of history and this brought me face to face with questions that I
had as a young girl that were never answered and thus buried. This also opend a
flood gate of thirst for truth. 
earlier  dear friends had  given me a book that I would read and
re-read. It too caused  a paradigm crash, but it took The Spirit of God
some time to show me what it was all about. That book led me to  Isabel
Hill’s book, Celts, Druids, and Culdees. Another paradigm crash! This time more
profound. Now I understood why on the History channel when they would have
anything about the early Britains, I would become agitated and change the
channel. That was before knowledge flooded my heart about who the Celts really
were. Who I was. I have a Celtic heritage, mainly Irish and  Welsh. 

  I remember about 7 years ago as I was on my way to a
worship meeting with a friend, I heard the Spirit say to me, “You are about to
become who you’ve always been  before the foundation of the world.” I
didn’t understand what He meant by that. However, over time it has begun to get
more clear. Not that I fully comprehend it yet.
 So, Mr.
Jones’ book confirmed to my heart what I had come to believe. The Romans were
destroyers and history from their viewpoint was nothing more than
 Thank you for bringing this important book
to my attention, and for having such excellent material of your own. I have read
almost everything on your site, and look forward with anticipation to purchasing
your books for my library. I pass along your site to many knowing that your
expertise and kind spirit will win over those who have yet to understand the
reality  of the “Lost Tribes”. 
 I have gone to
some other sites, and while they are filled with information, sometimes I am
uncomfortable with their positions and rationale. 
what I had already  learned, reading Barbarians was like having the puzzle
inlarged, and  now I had some of the missing pieces to work with. 

Thank you for your work. May the Lord fill you
continually with grace and strength to run your race! 

With gratitude,
Pamela Davis Scott 



Dear Pamela,
I’m delighted that you were
able to obtain a copy of Barbarians, a book which exposes many of the
writings of the ancient Romans as sheer propaganda. The ancient Romans would
likely hoot with laughter if they could know that modern societies are teaching
their ancient propaganda as serious historical narratives. Not all Roman
historical writings are wrong, but they were skewed to present all other
civilizations as “barbarians” so Rome could pretend to be the foremost
civilization. Modern historical accounts are so full of evolutionary fables and
ancient myths that one does experience a series of “paradigm shifts” when one
finds out what really happened in the ancient world. For the benefit of others
who wish to obtain a copy of this book, the authors of Barbarians are
Terry Jones and Alan Ereira. To see a visual version of what is in this
book, my website has a treat! You can click on the “Contact Us/Links” option at
my home page and watch the entire multi-part TV documentary series which was
based on this book and aired on Satellite TV. It is most interesting as one will
never have the same view of ancient history when it is perceived through
the demonstrable facts instead of popularized
Those who have read my books know
that the Celtic peoples were descended from the extensive colonies of the
ancient Israelite/Phoenician Empire who were “left on their own” in Europe and
the British Isles when the ancient kingdom of Israel fell to the
Assyrians. The role of the ancient Israelites in Europe, the British Isles,
North America and North Africa is examined in considerable depth in my books
about the history of the tribes of Israel. Genesis 28:14 prophesied Abraham’s
descendants would not only be very numerous but would spread extensively
(“colonize”) to all four directions upon the surface of the earth. That prophecy
was dramatically fulfilled in the ancient Golden Age of
the Israelites/Phoenicians under Kings David and Solomon. One can order my
books by going to the book links at this website or directly to the publisher’s
website at where they
can be ordered on-line.
Thanks for your positive comments
about my website. I do try to present biblical, historical and prophetic
information within a non-denominational approach which strengthens the faith of
all believers regardless of their denominational affiliation.