Did you know that your household appliances can now spy on you? Not only can they do so, but they can now be hacked to transmit your private information via radio signals to receiving stations “miles” from your residence or place of work. The first link, from Money/CNN, offers this and other revelations about how your modern household devices of all kinds are now being built to be able to spy on you. The link reveals how even your computer printer can be hijacked via a software program to become a radio transmitter to send your print jobs to hackers. It also has an ominous warning. It states that this technological capability “hints at the ability to steal data from computers that aren’t even connected to the Internet, like those at nuclear facilities.” I think some people have assumed that if their computer is not physically connected to the Internet at all, its content is safe from hacking. That apparently is not true, based on what is in the first link. This revelation also has obvious implications for protecting key national infrastructures from cyber-terrorists.

These spying capabilities have been around already for years. Former CIA Director Petreaus acknowledged back in 2012 that this spy technology already existed then (second link). Hmm. I wonder if this is how the computer virus, Stuxnet, was sent into the computers of Iran’s nuclear facilities. I wonder if the Obama administration was expecting to secretly use this same technology to monitor Iran’s compliance with the nuclear treaty/deal that it negotiated with Iran. Now that this technological hacking trick has been publicized at so many credible media websites, any such compliance-monitoring efforts will likely be thwarted. Perhaps people who are serious about security will go back to using entirely old-fashioned, non-wireless technologies. Would even that option work? I’ll admit that I’m not sufficiently qualified to answer that question.

There are many stories on credible, mainstream websites about which household devices can spy on you and how they do it. Did you know that even your garage door opener can be hacked to spy on you? There are so many revelations about the new household spying technologies that I have included Google’s web search results¬†for you as the third link to facilitate your ability to review the ones that look most interesting to you.

It would appear that there will be not be much need for the beast system to impose an entirely new global monitoring spy program as is strongly inferred in Revelation 13:16-17. The beast system will, apparently, merely need to tweak and centralize the extensive and pervasive spy programs that already exist. These new digital spying programs actually will be vastly more effective than some Hitlerian Gestapo method of black-trenchcoated figures saying “papers please” wherever you go. The new spy programs are/will be so unobtrusive that people will generally not even realize they are being monitored constantly.

My thanks to a reader who alerted me to the first link.

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