A reader sent this video link to me today, and I’m going to post it so all visitors to this website can see it as well. It largely speaks for itself so I won’t add a lot of commentary. This retired U.S. Lt. General warns Americans that creeping Marxism is being imposed on the USA via current US government policies.
He warns that censorship is coming which is intended to muzzle Christian pastors so they cannot speak about God’s word on social issues, and warns about the additional danger that the Obama administration will try to use UN action to negate the US Constitution’s Second Amendment authorizing gun ownership. I note that the US Supreme Court not long ago issued a very strong ruling that affirmed the Constitutional right of individual Americans to own guns, so those wanting to disarm Americans would need to use a devious and circuitous route to try to accomplish their aims.
The retired general also issues a warning that was previously unknown to me. He alleges that Obama’s Health Care legislation allows for the creation of “officers” in some kind of (apparently) armed force outside of the US military “to work directly for the president.” The general in the interview compares any such force to Hitler’s infamous “Brown Shirts” which existed prior to World War III. Since US military officers take an oath to defend the US Constitution, any alternate, armed force that reported only to the President but took no oath to defend the Constitution would create a serious challenge to the social order in the United States of America as we have known it as well as a potential rivalry (and even confrontation) between the US military (sworn to uphold the Constitution) and any new armed force which was loyal only to the president but not to the US Constitution.
While not stated in the video, it is my opinion that the US government (if taken over by Marxist elements) could use the 501(3)C section of the tax code to demand that any religious organization, denomination, pastor, evangelist, etc. who is registered as (or is part of a) 501(3)C corporation for tax-deductible purposes would need to submit to new lists of censored speech codes in order to retain their tax-deductibility status. You can be sure that any such speech codes would forbid any such pastors to speak about certain biblical teachings that are not politically-correct.
I Timothy 3:1 warns that “perilous times would come” in the latter days, and that is steadily becoming more true everywhere around the world. Jesus warned in Matthew 24:9 that Christians would be persecuted in the latter days, a warning repeated in Revelation 12:17 and other prophecies in the Bible. Americans tend to be complacent and think such evil things “could never happen here.” Listen to the warning of this retired US Lt. General in the video, and realize that such things could potentially happen here as well.
I hope this video motivates all visitors to this website to be sure that they are registered to vote in the US 2012 elections, and to vote for candidates at all levels who are loyal to the US Constitution and traditional American values and practices. This coming election may likely determine whether biblical prophecies get fulfilled “the hard way” in the years ahead of us or via a less traumatic route for all believers.
I would rather offer just cheery good news to readers, but any “watchman” worth his salt needs to pass along warnings like the one below.