Steven,in reference to your Jan 11 blog where JR Nyquist is referenced here is an email I sent him about a year ago(3-13-08).  I don’t remeber what article of his I was responding to but he did write back at least acknowledging my position.



Think your right on target.  China will not attack Taiwan.  They will use it as a political diversion.  Why attack your own people if you don’t need to.  The real attack will be on US conventional precision military capabilities and civilian infrastructures.  Both bases and production facilities.  Russia will be involved too.

They will leave our nukes intact and threaten that if we use them then we will be annihilated and our soil filled with radiation.  This will work and our territory will be invaded.  Deterrence works.

Our military and civilian infrastructure are very centralized and are vulnerable to surprise attack.  Their’s is not, some of it still being in the stone age.

If they attack our precision military with small  nukes(air burst only) they will effectively destroy our conventional forces leaving us defended only by our nukes.  Also,  who do you attack and how do you effectively mount that attack when you enemy is so spread out.  We may reply with a few nukes but it will be limited.

This won’t occur until Bush is out of office.  He would answer their bluff and nuke ’em anyway

Don’t forget, surprise is everything, and you can never have enough deception in war.

And why would they do this.  Oil, coal, and food not to mention simply getting us out of the way.

Chris Reeter


Dear Chris,

Thanks for passing on my ideas and commentaries to others. I agree that when China (allied to Russia, Iran, et. al.) finally attacks, it will be sudden, furious and unexpected (just as Ezekiel 38 foretells).

I’ll address the comments that this attack might be directed at just the USA and the UK and not the rest of Europe. Politically, that is very unlikely as long as NATO exists. The NATO charter requires that all states act militarily if one member is attacked. If the UK is attacked, it is very hard to visualize the rest of Europe staying passive. If the USA is attacked, Canada can’t stay neutral. However, if NATO fell apart, one could make a biblical case for either Europe being targeted or not being targeted.

Jeremiah 30 predicts there will be a “Jacob’s Trouble” befalling both Israel and Judah in the latter days. The use of the word “Jacob” and the reference to both the house of Israel and the house of Judah indicates all the tribes will be attacked. Matthew 24:21-22 also indicates there will be no “safe zones” at the end of our age. The attack in Ezekiel 38 is against Israel (the ten tribes of Israel) in the latter days. If one applied the term “Israel” in its most limited application to just the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh (as in Gen. 48:14-20), one could make the case just those tribes would be attacked. If the term “Israel” in Ezekiel 38 applies to all the tribes of the house of “Israel” (as I think), then all the tribes of Israel will be targeted together.

After Ezekiel 38 describes the attack of Gog-Magog vs. “Israel,” Ezekiel 39 mentions all the “house of Israel” has to bury the dead bodies (Ezek. 39:12). That indicates that all the tribes were invaded by the Gog-Magog alliance.