Recent posts on this blog reported that the Israeli Defense Minister was recently snubbed in Washington, DC by high-level Obama administration officials, and that officials in the Obama White House had called Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as “chickensh*t.” It appears that American-Israeli relations may be about to get much worse.

The first link cites a top journalist as reporting that in 2015 after the US elections are over, Obama will “end diplomatic support for Israel” and that US-Israeli relations are heading for a “full-blown crisis.” In a bizarre additional twist, the link reports that Obama is “working with Iran on a range of regional issues” and that this has led to a “softening of the US stance toward Iran’s proxies, including Hamas and Hezbollah.” Huh? Obama is going to tilt toward the enemies of the USA and spurn our allies? Iran calls the USA “the great Satan,” and I thought Hamas and Hezbollah were on the US State Department’s terrorist list. Whose side is Obama on? I think a number of nations are starting to ask that same question. The first link adds that Obama’s tilt toward Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah “risks alienating key US allies such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.” That would be an obvious outcome, to be sure.

I believe Israel just gave the USA a snub in return for the accumulating snubs by the Obama administration toward Israel. The Israeli Defense Minister who was snubbed by Obama officials while visiting Washington, DC, just announced that Israel was cancelling a purchase of US tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft (second link). Coming on the heels of the Obama administrations insults and snubs toward Israel’s top officials, I think the Israelis just gave the Obama administration a diplomatic version of an “up yours!” retort.

The Obama administration’s steady dissing of the Israelis is having other costs as well. The nation of India just announced that it will be purchasing 8000 anti-tank missiles and 300 launchers from the Israelis instead of from the USA even though the US pressed hard to obtain the deal (third link). I believe that India (and all other nations) have been watching the Obama administration’s bizarre behavior toward Israel, one of the USA’s best allies. A previous post reported that, during the recent Hamas-Israeli conflict, a peevish Obama demanded that all weaponry slated for shipment to Israel be approved by him before shipment. I’m not sure that Obama could even legally do that. However, it sent a message to all nations that as long as Obama is president, the USA will not be a reliable ally or weapons supplier. Obama’s ill-treatment of Israel and his meddling with on-going contracted weapons shipments between the USA and Israel may have been a factor in India rejecting the US as a weapons supplier and relying on Israel instead. Paradoxically, although Obama seems to desire to harm Israel, Obama’s actions may cost US weapons suppliers a lot of military contracts and it has already benefited the Israeli arms industry.

Finally, in a related development, India and Saudi Arabia are drawing closer together in military cooperation with India sending warships into the Persian Gulf for joint naval maneuvers with the Saudi Navy (fourth link). Both nations are taking other measures to deepen their military ties. I think both Saudi Arabia and India are taking actions to create new alliances given that the USA may not be a reliable ally as long as Obama is president. A recent post expressed my view that the worsening relations between the USA on one hand and Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia on the other hand are steadily pushing Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia into a strategic regional Mideast alliance to oppose Iran and its proxies (which the first link reports Obama wants to align closer with). The more aberrant the words, deeds and policies of the Obama administration become on the world scene, the more we are likely to see the US become increasingly isolated in global matters. It does seem that, given the open hostility of the Obama administration toward the Israelis, the USA will soon have very little influence at all over Israeli policy decisions and actions. Israel will simply “go it alone.”

Israel has an “ace up its sleeve” in its relations with the USA. If the Republicans assume control of the US Senate in the elections on November 4 in the USA, the US Congress will be solidly pro-Israeli. Even many Democrats in Congress are solidly pro-Israeli. The US Congress may pass pro-Israeli funding and weapons bills and dare Obama to veto them. If he does, he will drive Jewish voters and donors away from the Democratic Party as the 2016 presidential elections draw near. The American people are overwhelmingly pro-Israeli as well. If Obama takes actions opposed to the will of the US Congress and the American people, he will become very isolated and even Democrats will yearn for the end of his presidency. Given that the anti-Israeli stances of the Obama administration are an aberration in American history, it may well be that the next president of the USA will go out of his/her way to be pro-Israeli and restore positive relations with not only the Israelis, but also all American allies around the globe.

From a biblically prophetic view, these developments reinforce my view that the Israelis and Sunni Arab nations are increasingly motivated to form an anti-Iranian alliance, which would make them opposed to the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to include Russia, China and Iran.