It grieves me to pass on this news item to all readers. According to the links below, US President Obama in 2014 threatened to order US warplanes to shoot down Israeli warplanes if they attempted to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Since when did a US president become an ally of the extremist Iranian mullahs who call the USA “the Great Satan?” According to the links below, this report has been released in both Israeli and Kuwaiti media sources.

Reportedly, Israel had trained its pilots for a pre-emptive mission vs. Iran when an Israeli cabinet member leaked the top-secret plan to Obama administration officials, who acted to protect Iran. Former Carter-era cabinet member, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is reported to have advised Obama to adopt a policy of shooting down Israeli warplanes. If he did advise this traitorous policy toward one of America’s most critical and faithful allies, it begs the question of whether Brzezinski is secretly an agent of the Iranian government. Perhaps Congress should investigate him and see if he has received any payments from Iran or if he is registered as a lobbyist for any entities supportive of Iran.

If this report is true, then the above threat by the Obama administration is a dastardly “stab-in-the-back” by Obama and his administration vs. one of the few nations in the world who has the courage and resolve to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear arms. Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” and is actively seeking to develop the weapons of mass destruction to do just that. And Obama and Brzezinski have taken action which aid and assist Iran in preparing to perpetrate another Holocaust vs. the Israeli/Jewish people? If this is true, Congress should impeach Obama and anyone else in his administration who threatened to militarily attack a key US ally who is only seeking to preserve its existence!

There is a factor that supports the accuracy of the above report. An earlier post cited sources that since al-Sisi ousted Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and rescued Egypt from a tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood, relations have been very tense between Egypt and the USA. It is no secret that Egyptians believed the Obama administration favored the Muslim Brotherhood, as a previous post noted. As readers no doubt know, Egypt bombed the Libyan wing of ISIL not long ago to retaliate for ISIL executing 21 Egyptian citizens who were Coptic Christians. The third link reports that when they took this action, Egypt refused to give any advance notice to the USA. Another previous post reported that since al-Sisi became the leader of Egypt, Israeli-Egyptian coorporation vs. Islamic terrorists has been very close. Given this fact, Egypt may have learned from Israel that no one can trust the Obama administration any longer with any key information. Other nations likely have developed the same policy of keeping the Obama administration out of the loop on as many things as possible because they have concluded that the USA cannot be trusted as long as Obama is president.

Consider also the Ukrainian-Russian crisis/war that has raged on for some time. Did you notice that when Germany and France jointly acted as mediators between the Ukraine and Russia to resolve this crisis peacefully, that all these nations kept the USA out of this mediation process? This is another unspoken but clear message that the USA is not welcome at these talks. Why? I believe it is because more and more nations now realize that they cannot trust the USA after learning about Obama’s willingness to intervene militarily on the side of the Iranians vs. the Israelis in 2014! I can’t help but wonder if such a bizarre and upside-down order from the Obama administration could have led to a mutiny on the part of some US pilots. After all, US pilots have long been trained jointly with US allies such as Israel to oppose Iran in any outbreak of war. How would they have reacted if their commander-in-chief ordered them to fight alongside the military forces of Iran (who calls the USA the “Great Satan”) vs. a long-time vital ally? Giving such a heinous order to American pilots would have put them in an excruciatingly difficult situation. If Obama had given an order to kill Israeli pilots and it had been carried out, I really think Congress would have impeached Obama and many pro-Israeli Democrats would have joined the effort!

We live in very dangerous times. We already knew that. However, if this report of Obama’s willingness to intervene militarily on the side of Iran in 2014 vs. Israel is true, the world is a far more dangerous place than we realized. If this report is true, America is being led by a president who has “gone rogue.”